Interview for OZ fanzine,Australia Fri, 16 Jan 1998 with James Lowry

1. Could you give a brief history of the band, including dates pertaining to its formation, any line-up changes, noteworthy performances, and releases?

Terri: Dave and I met back in '92 when a drummer in his band, Guts on the Floor, approached me in Ipso Facto, the gothic boutique I own, about auditioning for their band. She disappeared on us, but we decided to go forward with a new project with their bassist Jon and another drummer. We've had a series of drummers and bassists since then, but were lucky to meet our bassist, Eileen, through similar circumstances who is also an adept sound engineer (see "Door in the Dragon's Throat" 1995.) It is interesting that our paths all crossed in the scene during the mid eighties, but we never really knew each other until those fateful meetings in my store.

2. What is the significance of the band's name?

Terri: It refers to the discovery of an infant child sacrifice in an urn beneath a stone monument in County Cork, Ireland that dates back to the year 588. We all have a great interest in alternative spirituality, mythology, unexplained phenomena, classic horror literature and film, and all things dark and mysterious. Both Dave and I have experienced spectral sightings in the past, and more recently felt presences while Stone 588 was recording in two reputedly haunted studios.

3. To date, is "Door in the Dragon's Throat" your sole release? If not, please include a brief discography.

Terri: We released three cassette releases between 1993 and 1995: "Eyes of a Statue," "Eden Lost," and "Catharsis," followed by the "Door.." cd. We also appear on the following compilations (somewhat in this order) "Disease of Lady Madeline" (Anubis Rec); What Sweet Music They Make 2" (Thee Vampire Guild-UK); "From the Dragon's Mouth" (Fight Amnesia mag- Germany ); "Children of the Damned" (Apollyon-Germany); "Reflections in the Looking Glass, A Tribute to Siouxsie" (Cleopatra); "Dracula, King of Vampires" (Cleopatra); "TV Terror" (Reconstriction/Cargo); "Subnation vol 2" (Subnation); and the soon to be released "Darkend vol. 2" (Plastichead-UK.) Also on the verge of release is the Cure tribute from Gothic Grimoire magazine, Germany…we did "Hanging Garden " for that one. We also are recording three new songs ..for French and German comps and for Projekt 's cd benefiting the cause of feline leukemia, and are about one-third finished with our second full-length cd due out in Spring 1998.

4. What influences, both musically and lyrically, do you acknowledge?

Terri: I have many literary influences in regards to lyrics including Poe, Anais Nin, and de Sade, and have a great interest in history, women's studies, mythology, the supernatural, goddess spirituality, alchemy, Ripperology, art, and other subjects. I am reading a book about the "Green Man" in architecture and religion right now, which is fascinating to me, having been fasinated by his image in many European cathedrals. Both Eileen and I have made several European journeys, collecting photographs of historical architecture and funerary sculpture abroad and on the east coast of the U.S., which we have incorporated into the graphic designs on our various releases. In my adolescence, I performed in church choirs and musical theatre. My influences in "rock" music stem from late seventies/ early eighties Lene Lovich ,Ultravox, Wall of Voodoo, as well as The Birthday Party (from your neck of the woods!) and Lydia Lunch, Crass, Dead Kennedys, etc. I spent nearly a decade exploring punk, experimental and folk music in over 17 bands and recording projects.

Also, a veteran performer in bands in the late seventies/eighties L.A. punk scene, Dave (guitar) mentions Black Sabbath as an early influence along with the guitarists of Killing Joke, Joy Division and Siouxsie and the Banshees. Eileen (bass) cites environment, literature and past music from classical to middle eastern styles…anything evocative of spine-chilling emotion as her influence. Her audio expertise can be traced to a degree and career in Radio / Television and studies in recording engineering, also having co-produced "The Alternative," a late '80's cable video program featuring underground bands such as Mephisto Walz. Additionally, Eileen in active in the her other band, Dichroic Mirror, which has two cd self-releases, "Silence is Foo" and " Nocturnal Garden."

5. How well is your music received both within and outside of the goth scene?

Terri: We used to have a great local venue that hosted all sorts of alternative bands, where we played regularly to a diverse crowd, and did acoustic and electric performances at local coffee houses, but it seems those venues have evaporated. At first, Stone 588 also played a lot of smoky bars to unenthusiastic barflies or off nights at near empty spaces not regularly catering to this style of music. Sometimes, the reaction was that we were too goth for college dudes, but too rock for goths.

Despite the L.A. goth scene's legendary status, there is a great deal of apathy towards unknown local bands and it's difficult to drag people out for live performances. The club scene is geared mainly to dancing (old gothic and techno/industrial dance music), but nevertheless, we have an enthusiastic local following. Our better live shows have been in support of bands such as Shadow Project, Human Drama, Evao., Dave Vanian. We've been fortunate to receive airplay on gothic radio programs on KSPC and KUCI, and performed live several times on the "Closed Caskets for the Living Impaired" radio show and local cable television.

Stateside, we happily have the support of Tess/Etherhaus who have gotten our cd into the Tower chain, and Metropolis distribution. Our music has also been well received in Italian, British, French and German publications and with European music retailers, with some airplay and press in Mexico, Portugal, Spain and Israel. Our participation on compilations has helped a lot in getting our music heard internationally and by listeners outside of the goth scene. 6. Are their many opportunities for live performance for bands of your type in America? Terri: Despite the popularity and prevalence of dance clubs, there are L.A. clubs featuring live bands occasionally, such as Vampiricus, Kiss of the Vampire, and Coven 13. The other rather alternatives are bars or rock venues more concerned with the number of drinking attendees. Another detrimental aspect is the lack of support from commercial radio, where we don't have the payola to get airplay. It's pretty much the independent record stores, assorted DJs and fans who discover us that are supporters of our music. Lately, playing musical chairs with drummers has resulted in fewer live shows, and we had to pass up slots on some choice bills because are efforts are focused on writing and recording the new cd.

7. Your 1994 album was released on Lithic Music. Are you signed to the label, and if so, could you tell us a bit about its organization, objectives, achievements, and which other bands are signed? Terri: Lithic Music is my publishing company, deriving its name from Latin, meaning "of stone." Technically the label is Ipso Facto (my store and mail order business and another Latin term.) Basically, we are a self-produced /managed band, combining our efforts with Dichroic Mirror for promotion/ distribution under the name of Ipso Facto. Our objective is simply to have our music heard and to go as far as we can with it, without compromising our musical integrity. Previous bad experiences on a dishonest small label forced me to acquire some legal and music management skills, and the band actually turned down a recent label offer because we felt we could do it better ourselves!

8. What is Ipso Facto?

Terri: I started Ipso Facto in 1989 with the idea of designing apparel (fashion design was my major in college) and selling gothic footwear and accessories. The retail store has since expanded to include body piercing, and the sales of cds and literature in the gothic and industrial genre. Additionally, I do international mail order of many apparel and music items from the shop including our own releases. (Our catalogs cost $2 in the U.S. and $4.00 outside for any of you who wish to order them from Ipso Facto at 517 N. Harbor Blvd, Fullerton, CA 92832 USA.)

9. Any comments?

For more information on Stone 588 check out our website at or email us at Our cds can be ordered for $14.99 plus freight from the address above and casettes are $4.00 plus freight. We also have t-shirts and stickers, and hopefully a new full length out this Spring. Thanks for this opportunity to communicate with your readers.

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