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-------------------------------------------------------------- Return with me if you will to a time when goth music had passion and was full of life. Pagans weaving their tales of woe and darkened emotions along with magical tones. Well there is a band that deals with all of those qualities and that is Stone 588. Terri Kennedy fronts the band and also does the vocals. Jon McFerson plays bass and Dave Rhine plays guitar. The rhythms are dark and flow like a darkened waterfall into a river. The vocals are siren like and lure you into the the music. This CD is amazing from the first track to the last track.The drums are very goth and help aid the music. The drums by the way are played by one Paul Rocha. I suggest you pick up the CD and close your eyes and realize that Stone 588 are an answer to the dabby gothic bands trying to hard. There are twenty-one tracks so that means there is more a depth to understand the power that is Stone 588. The CD is on Lithic Music and can be ordered through Ipso Facto. Pick it up or be scorched by the Dragon's Throat... <> Fascination entered my feeble mind as I listened to the music weaved by Pagans. I decided and was curious as to what drove a band like Stone 588 and what philosophies do they hold true to. So I decided to walk throught the door of the dragon's throat and came face to face with Stone 588 and this is what occurred........

Entering the Dragon's Throat with Stone 588


Stone 588 is Terri Kennedy-vocals, keyboards, Dave Rhine-guitar; Eileen Bowe-bass, programming; Phil Hanson-drums

Rev.Banshee: What year did you start and who was the original line up?

Terri: I met Dave in 1992 at the retail store I own, Ipso Facto, through a girl drummer named Tracy who played in his band, Guts on the Floor, that was reforming. Like myself, Dave had played in various bands in the L.A. /O.C. punk scene since the mid-eighties. The regrouping of Dave's band never ended up happening, but we enlisted the services of Guts bassist, Jon McFerson and started Stone 588. After Jon moved out of state to attend college, we went through several rhythm sections, working with bassist ,Tony Sequido, who is also on the "Door .." cd for a couple of years. The band released the first cassette, "Eyes of a Statue"; in 1993, "Eden Lost" in 1994; "Catharsis" in early 1995 and the CD "Door in the Dragon's Throat" in November 1995.

Rev.Banshee: How did the new line up come about?

Terri: I met Eileen, the current bassist at my store where she was consigning tapes of her band Dichroic Mirror. She befriended the band and engineered half of our cd, Door in the Dragon's Throat, eventually joining on bass. This year we were lucky to have another old friend of Dave's email me out of the blue to ask how Dave was doing and if by chance we needed a drummer. We haven't been able to keep drummers for very long! That is how we were fortunate to enlist the services of our new drummer Phil Hanson, formerly of Gameface.

Rev.Banshee: The name Stone 588 comes from the legend of the Druid's Altar in County Cork, Southern Ireland. What made you choose the name and explain a little if you will about the legend?

Terri: It refers to a bit of archeological trivia I discovered in one of my books about the discovery of an infant child sacrifice in an urn. It was placed beneath a stone in a Stonehenge type Irish monument. in County Cork that dates back to the year 588. We all have a great interest in alternative spirituality, mythology, unexplained phenomena, classic horror literature and film, and all things dark and mysterious. Both Dave and I have experienced spectral sightings in the past, and even felt presences while Stone 588 was recording "Door in the Dragon's Throat" in a reputedly haunted studio.

Rev.Banshee: What made you choose the name Door In The Dragon's Throat as the title of your CD?

Terri:I am influenced greatly by the literary works of Anais Nin. The name refers to a discarded title she had for one of her books. For me, it conjures up images of a fearsome journey which yeilds unexpected adventures and magickal delights.

Rev.Banshee: What does your live performance consist of and does it vary from show to show?

We hadn't played for almost two years until recently due to my illness, membership changes, etc. We tend to be more intense than animated, if that makes sense, but conversely our between song banter with the audience is usually quite sponaneous and hilarious. So the performance is one of two extremes! Phil and I are the more energetic, while Eileen and Dave are more laid back. A good balance.

Rev.Banshee: What bands or musicians have you collaborated with besides being in Stone 588?

Terri:I have done a recording with Jonathan Sharp (Hexedene, New Mind) where I just sent him a tape of me vocalizing in my own improvised language and he looped and tweaked it , creating the song "Dreams in the Witchhouse"on the "Challenge from Beyond" Dion Fortune HP Lovecraft tributecomp. I hope we can do more such collaboration in the future. I have also been a guest vocalist on two of Dichroic Mirror's cds as well as performing with them. (Dichroic Mirror is a duo Eileen, our bassist, has fronting for many years now.) Recently the industrial band Calear recorded me for one song for their new cd release, which should be out soon. In 1994 I accompanied Faith and the Muse on the Elyria national tour as a backing vocalist. In the 80's I spent time in over 17 different bands and recording projects of various musical styles.

Rev.Banshee: You have performed with many bands such as Shadow Project, Rozz Williams, Eva O, Dave Vanian, Last Dance, and Cradle Of Thorns....So must know what was it like to perform on the same bill as Rozz Willams, Dani of Cradle of Thorns , and Eva O?

Terri: At one time I knew Eva and Rozz pretty well. I roadied for Shadow Project and Eva's earlier band, Superheroines.But that was many years ago. That particular time we played with them, it was a very well attended show. It definitely made a lot of people aware of our band. We were fortunate to get some decent supporting slots with Dave Vanian, Human Drama, Shadow Project, etc due to promotors befriending me at Ipso Facto. In those early days we didn't take ourselves very seriously, and it was one of the milestones (like getting notice in foreign publications, appearing on many compilations, etc ) that made us view our band in a more promising ascending aspect.

Rev.Banshee: Being that you are based out of Fullerton, California I curious if any of you are natives and did you go to Fullerton High?

Terri: No , actually I am the only Fullerton resident, but I spent my adolescence in Huntington Beach. In fact I heard that my high school, Ocean View, is now a Home Depot! Eileen (who originally hails from Orange, Ca)lives in Long Beach and Dave (who grew up in Garden Grove, Ca. among other places) now resides in Lake Elsinore, while Phil lives in Seal Beach. Fullerton is famous for having been home to many famous punk bands like Social Distortion, D.I, and the Adolescents, and I have fond memories of the Fullerton punk scene of the early 80's.

Rev.Banshee: Is there a your in the works?

Terri: By this you must mean a solo effort? In the last couple of years I have started playing keyboards in Stone 588 and it has given me the opportunity to contribute more to the songwriting process. For instance I wrote the original idea for the keyboard heavy song "Mundus Vult Decipi," that appeared on Cleopatra's Unquiet Grave comp. As long as this band affords me the chance to propagate my ideas, it works well for me just to do that and various other collaborations, time permitting.

Rev.Banshee: How did Ipso Facto come about was that just a side venture?

Terri: I started my retail store over ten years ago after spending 5 years in the fashion industry as a sales rep. It has been my main livlihood since then. It is a marketplace for gothic clothing, jewelry, shoes, bondage gear, cds, literature, and we do body piercing. For 5 years we also had an art gallery which afforded space for monthly band performances, poetry readings and art openings, but now square footage and time are more limited. Beside the retail store in Fullerton and catalog sales, I have a four year old web business.

Rev.Banshee: Have you ever played the Eastcoast?

Terri: No, Stone 588 has not, but Both Phil and I have in previous bands. We would love to do so if there was funding.

Rev.Banshee: How did you come about being on the compilation The Disease Of Lady Madeline?

Terri:X (DJ of Roderick's Chamber in S.F.) contacted a former label of ours and the info was forwarded to us. Unfortunately the royalties we were promised were not forthcoming as with so many comps we have appeared on, but the exposure has been very rewarding.

Rev.Banshee: Have you been played on radio stations or spun in clubs and what are some?

Terri: Yes, you probably have the radio list from the promo pack that lists everything. Stations as far away as Israel, Italy, Germany, France, etc have played.Stone 588. We have also had tremedous support from local KUCI DJ, Dach on "Closed Caskets for the Living Impaired."Also Repent in Anaheim, Ca. has played our music on the dancefloor, as well as Roderick's Chamber in San Francisco. Additionally, DJs have sent me playlists from clubs in Hawaii and various other states where we have been played. We've performed live on several cable access shows as well. One of the times I attended a huge Vegas trade show to purchase for my store, I passed out Stone 588 cds to my suppliers, and several of them started playing it really loud in their booth!

Rev.Banshee: How would our readers be able to find out more about Stone 588 and how to purchase your material?

Terri:Ipso Facto is the contact point for Stone 588: 517 N. Harbor Blvd Fullerton CA 92832 ph 714-525-7865 fax 714-525-5053 (Fans can order cds, t-shirts, cassettes via our Fall From Grace catalog which is $2 in the U.S. and $4.00 internationally .)

Stone 588's web address:

Rev.Banshee: When should we expect a new release from you?

Terri: A lot has happened in our personal lives the past year which prevented us from going forward, and we're a self-funded band. So the major issue is raising enough money to finish the two year old recordings languishing in the studio. Unfortunately, we've had some bad luck with not receiving payments from distributors that have folded. The second cd is recorded but not mixed, but then there's the cost of pressing. It's hard to put a timeline on it, and we have so much new material we would like to record. Now that the personnel changes and health issues are behind us, we can focus on releasing a cd comprised of both incarnations of the band in 2000.

Rev.Banshee:Are there any strange stories or rumours about you or involving the band and if so could list at least two examples?

Terri: We wish! But, we do have some stories of supernatural experiences to share. I saw the spirit of someone I worked with who died in a tragic accident. I woke up one night to find him standing next to my bed trying desperately to tell me something, but not being able to communicate. I sat up and said "Go Away." After I closed and reopened my eyes again, he was gone. Dave has had several encounters with spirits, including the time he and his girlfriend were outside and both saw the ghost of a kid leaning up against a car...also the specter of a woman maternally stroked his head when he was sick as a child. We recorded in what was reputed to be a haunted studio where the spirit of a young child would mischievously disconnect jacks from amps when no-one was looking. Following my recent divorce, I moved out of my old house where the sound of washing dishes and whispers (perhaps of the elderly lady former resident who pased on)was heard, but nothing seen. Unfortunately, she didn't actually clean up our kitchen!...

Rev.Banshee: Where do you see Stone 588 in the near future?

Terri: We're playing May 1 and 6th in the Los Angeles area.(May 1 at Que Sera in Long Beach and May 6 at Bar Sinister, Hollywood.) I'm scheduled to put the finishing touches on the vocals for our cd recordings next month, so the next step is formulating the artwork and trying to get the bloody cd out! I've contacted some promotors about doing some shows abroad, so keep your fingers crossed..things are in the works!

Rev.Banshee: In your opinion what direction do you think Goth, Darkwave and Industrial music are headed in?

Terri: I couldn't begin to guess where these scenes are headed, but I think there is far too much emphasis on adhering to some kind of mold already created. Everyone should write and create in the way that best suits themselves. There seems to be a heavy ebm-techno influence on industrial at the moment and more medieval/folk or metal explorations in goth, and then there's the hybrids of both, which makes the decision to file them under goth or industrial very debatable! It's a very exciting time, either the media will push the entire movement to the brink of commercial success or it will become more obscure like it was in the late 80s. The Los Angeles scene has increased greatly lately, and there are alot of new places for bands to perform. But the DJs need to play more new music, and there is also too much emphasis on appearance and not musicianship, culture or being real! Additionally, there has been a lot of television and print media coverage . (I was interviewd for the Christian Broadcasting channel, and my contribution was of course misquoted and manipulated to fit their prewritten anti-goth rant.) Very little of the journalistic coverage has been accurate, but it has brought some positive results despite how goths are painted as satan-worshipping and suicidal.

Rev.Banshee: There seems to be a lot of undertones dealing with religion and mysticism what is your philosophy towards the two?

Terri: I think all of us are spiritual people but definitely not religious, with an emphasis on earth based belief systems, my personal spiritual direction being womanly/goddess witchcraft.

Rev.Banshee: What is the overall message you wish to convey to your audience?

Terri: The lyrics I write are from a deeply personal perspective , and I purposely write in an oblique fashion using metaphor to broaden the meaning for the listener to derive their own interpretation from my thoughts. I have been interested in literary forms that delve into the darker side since I was young. I was vastly interested in anthropolgy in college and my continued reading has an emphasis on women's roles in society and myths. My most recent lyrical effort targeted the magickal properties of menstrual blood as the subject which really has a lot of historical significance to previous matriarchal societies, but has been vilified by today's culture as taboo. Other subject matters range from history, spirits and myths to personal relationships, which are a good source because such emotions are deep, raw and real.

Rev.Banshee: Have you noticed a bigger fanbase now than when you first started Stone 588?

Terri: Yes, though I am certain there will be more interest with the release of the second disc. The best exposure for us so far has been the over 20 compilations we have participated in including :"The Disease of Lady Madeline," on Anubis Records;

"What Sweet Music They Make Vol. 2," by Thee Vampire Guild, UK;

"TV Terror-Felching a Dead Horse," and "Songs from the Wasteland, a Tribute to the Mission" on Cargo/Re-Constriction;

"Children of the Damned, A Tribute to the Damned" on Apollyon, Germany;

"Dracula, King of Vampires," "A Tribute to Siouxsie and the Banshees," "Witchcraft"and "The Unquiet Grave" all on Cleopatra;

Songs from the Vault" released by Alligence Productions , TX

"Subnation Vol. II" on Subnation, San Diego, Ca;

"Storm the Palace" a medeival comp from Italy's Palace of Worms label.

"Darkend vol.2" released by Plastic Head Distribution , UK

"Instants Sacres/ Instants Damnes" an Armegeddon -themed comp by Les Variations Ludiqes , Nantes, France.

"Forevermore" A Tribute to the Mission and a Cure Tribute "15 Imaginary Songs" on Equinoxe, Germany Projekt's Feline Leukemia Benefit, "A Cat Shaped Hole in My Heart"

"The Challenge From Beyond," on Dion Fortune, Germany (This comp also features a collaboration between Stone 588 vocalist Terri Kennedy and Jonathan Sharp entitled "Dreams in the Witch House.")

Rev.Banshee: What bands, movies, authors, and books helped influence your style of music?

Terri:Some of my lyrics are influenced by authors such as Marquis de Sade( the song Scales of Justice), Anais Nin (Eyes of a Statue), as well memories , impressions, and history. (ie. the song Night Behind the Mind about the persecution of women under the guise of exterminating witches.) Edgar Allen Poe and the supernatural have interested and influenced me since I began writing at age five, when my grandfather left me a rhyming dictionary which I still use occasionally. I am also a fan of 1920's/30's films such as M (starring Peter Lorre); Metropolis and film noire. Musically, Dave and I are hugely enamored with And Also the Trees and he is particularly fond of Killing Joke. Vocalists who have made an impression on me include Lene Lovich and Judy Garland, also my Catholic choir training and musical theatre in high school.

Rev.Banshee: What bands do you listen to and do you favor some over others?

Terri: I have a very odd collection of vinyl containing wartime Japanese lounge music, Yma Sumac, Martin Denny, The Jefferson Airplane,and going forward to Siouxsie, Ultravox and the Cocteau Twins. My cd collection is more modern, ie. Die Form, Wumpscut, Moon Lay Hidden Beneath a Cloud, Whispers in the Shadow, Die Laughing.

Rev.Banshee: Have you ever performed outside the states and if so how does it differ from The states?

Terri:I have vacationed extensively in Europe, especially during my mariage to the infamous Belgian, Johan. But despite a lot of interest and support from people in the scene over there, we have yet to line up enough promotors to fund an international tour for Stone 588. Now that we have a good live line-up again, I am starting to work on this goal.

Scorching questions of fun ------------------------------------------

Here are some questions that are simple but help us get to know you a little better!!!

Rev.Banshee: What was the last movie you saw?

Terri:Two Noir films, "The Window" (1949) and "Deadline at Dawn" at the Egyptian in Hollywood. Rev.Banshee: What is your favorite movie?

Terri: " M" starring Peter Lorre.

Rev.Banshee: What is your favorite book and or author?

Terri:At the moment, the most important book to me is"The Holy Book of Women's Mysteries" by Zsusanna Budapest

Rev.Banshee: What was the strangest dream you ever had?

Terri:Recently, I had a dream about accidentally squishing a fish with a sponge as I was trying to save it out of its cracked fishbowl. It had some reference to a childhood experience I think.

Rev.Banshee: Out of all the outfits you own what is the most outrageous outfit you own?

Terri:My catholic school girl skirt and blouse. I wore those to a fetish party at a photgraphy studio this year and ended up in a photo shoot with infamous drag performer Boom Boom. I have yet to see those pictures!

Rev.Banshee: If you had to choose between wearing Latex, Vinyle, and Leather which would it be?

Terri:Much of my clothing is self-made ( I went to fashion design school) and I have created some very elaborate historical costumes and corsets. Velvet is the most common fabric I use. For casual dress, I like stretchy, soft, flowy, forgiving fabrics. I have a lot of vinyl , and two rubber dresses. All are almost too warm to wear to a club setting , however, I have to admit I do own a fur. I bought a leopard dyed coat in a flea market in London not realizing it was real lamb, but it is incredibly soft and warm. I know, how politically incorrect, especially for a vegetarian!

Rev.Banshee: Do you believe that there is real magic in this world of ours?

Terri:Well, if you spell it that way, I am a big fan of stage magic (especially at Hollywood's magic venue, The Magic Castle !) but as for the magickal realm, I feel the influence of the supernatural every day. I have seen and experienced things that I believe someday science will explain. I would characterize myself as an eclectic, drawing my ever changing beliefs from many sources. Interestingly, prior to reading Le Vey's works, I found that I had already been practicing much of his (and Nitzche's) humanistic philosophy, but I learned it from my Catholic mother!

Rev.Banshee: What is more interesting abstract or surrealism?

Terri:Actually I am most fond of impressionism because of its romantic and poignant emotionalism.

Rev.Banshee: Who would like to perform with in the near future?

Terri:We really are interested in doing one of the multi -day European festivals. It would be great to have the Cure, the Creatures or other goth icons headlining such a bill with numerous smaller acts such as ours'.

Rev.Banshee: Any final words you'd like to share?

Terri:I entreat your readers to take the opportunity to visit strange places, indulge in the unexpected and express their creativity! To experience Stone 588 please visit our website at or contact us via email at for more info.

I'd like to thank Terri and the rest of Stone 588 for talking with us and I hope you enjoyed their answers. I feel that these guys are on there way in the scene and that they will leave their mark. Stone 588 are original and fresh and that is what we need to quench our very souls. May the door to the dragon's throat heat up your body and soul.

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