Stone 588 Discography

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Stone 588 Releases:

Eyes of a Statue- 8 song cassette, October, 1993. (Lineup at this time was Kennedy/Rhine/McFerson/Rocha.)

Eden Lost- 9 song cassette, December, 1994. (Lineup at this time was Kennedy/Rhine/Sequeido/Salzman.)

Catharsis - 4 song cassette, January, 1995. (Lineup at this time was Kennedy/Rhine/McFerson/Rocha.)

Door in the Dragon's Throat - 21 song CD, November, 1995.Songs: Lightning Rails, Paradise Fields, Scales of Justice, Sunset Abyss, Ruination, Icon Bleeds, Unguarded World, Stygian Darkness, Posthumous, Night Behind the Mind, Eden Lost, Poseidon's Grace, Panacea, Contrition, Door in the Dragon's Throat, Westering Moon, Eyes of a Statue, Sleep Chamber, Blur Red, Blur Red, Shards to Sheaths, Of the Ambush of God. (Featured both lineups of the band up to that point.)

Released in 2000, the limited edition 17 track "Midnight Claret" Stone 588 cd includes 9 new tracks, previously unreleased tracks, rare compliation tracks and covers.

Released in 2004 this 18 track compilation of early cassette only Stone 588 tracks is finally on cd as "Eden's Eyes."

Compilations Featuring Stone 588:

1994's "The Disease of Lady Madeline," includes Stone 588's "Lightning Rails" on Anubis Records P.O. Box 470666 San Francisco, CA 94147-0666 USA (Lineup was Kennedy/Rhine/Sequido/Salzman.)

"From the Dragon's Mouth" includes Stone 588' "Night Behind the Mind." This was a cassette only 1995 release by Fight Amnesia Magazine, Heinheimer Str 4A D-64289 Darmstadt,Germany email: (Lineup was Kennedy/Rhine/McFerson/Rocha.)

1995's "What Sweet Music They Make Vol. 2," includes Stone 588's "Ruination." compiled and released by Thee Vampire Guild, 82 Ripcroft, Southwell Portland Dorset DT4 2EE UK. (Featured Kennedy/Rhine/McFerson/Rocha lineup.)

"Children of the Damned, A Tribute to the Damned" features Stone 588's cover of "13th Floor Vendetta." The 1996 release was compiled by Tony Lestat of Wreckage, Hollywood, CA USA email: in conjunction with Apollyon, Altenbaunaer Str 27 D-34134 Kassel, Germany (Featured Kennedy/Rhine/Sequido/Salzman lineup.)

"Reflections in the Looking Glass: A Tribute to Siouxsie and the Banshees," features Stone 588's cover of "Nightshift." 1996 Cleopatra Records, 8726 S. Sepulveda Ste D82, Los Angeles, CA 90045 Email Website (Featured Kennedy/Rhine/Sequido/Salzman lineup.)

"Sounds from the Underground Vol. 1" Cassette only comp released by Fear Productions Pludda House Station Road Bovey Tracey Devon TQ139AS UK email:

1996's "Songs from the Wasteland, a Tribute to the Mission" which features Stone 588's version of "Spider and the Fly" was compiled by Tony Lestat email: in conjunction with ReConstriction 4901-906 Morena Blvd., San Diego, CA 92117-3432. Contact Cargo Records as ReConstriction is now defunct. (Featured Kennedy/Rhine/McFerson/Rocha lineup.)

1997's "TV Terror-Felching a Dead Horse," which includes Stone 588's cover of Henry Mancini's "Experiments in Terror," was compiled by Permission Magazine and Re-Constriction 4901-906 Morena Blvd., San Diego, CA 92117-3432. Contact ReConstriction c/o of Cargo since ReCon is now defunct. (Lineup at this time was Kennedy/Rhine/McFerson/Rocha.)

"Tales from the Vault" released in 1997 includes Stone 588's previously unreleased track "Eria." From the Vault Fanzine, Alligence Productions c/o Hector at PO Box 370451 El Paso, Texas 79937. (Stone 588 on this recording was Kennedy/Rhine/Sequido/Salzman.)

100th Anniversary of Dracula Tribute, released November 4, 1997, entitled "Dracula, King of Vampires" featuring Stone 588's "Tumulus" was compiled by Tony Lestat of Wreckage, Hollywood, CA in conjunction with Cleopatra Records, 8726 S. Sepulveda Ste D82, Los Angeles, CA 90045. Email Website (Stone 588 on this recording was Kennedy/Rhine/Sequido/Salzman.)

1997's "Subnation Vol. II" compilation featuring Stone 588's "Red Earth." Subnation P.O. Box 12245 El Cajon, CA 92022. Email Demian at Website (Featured players on this recording were Kennedy/Rhine/Bowe/Winters.)

"Storm the Palace" a medeival compilation released March 1999, from Italy's Palace of Worms label comp includes Stone 588's acoustic piece "Tannhauser." Palace of Worms Records via Bronzetti 19 23900 Lecco Italy. (Stone 588 on this recording was Kennedy/Rhine/Bowe.)

"Instants Sacres/ Instants Damnes" an Armegeddon -themed comp which includes Stone 588's "Mundus Vult Decipi" and "Of the Ambush of God" compiled and released in 1999 by Les Variations Ludiqes at 8 rue de L'Heronniere 44000 Nantes, France. (Stone 588 on this recording was Kennedy/Rhine/Bowe.)

Repent or Burn in Hell Vol. 1 (Stone 588 frequently played at Repent, a now defunct Anaheim, CA club. Club owner, Brad, released a three comp series featuring bands who frequented the club.) Featured on volume 1 are "Lightning Rails" and "Paradise Fields" by Stone 588 both featuring Kennedy/Rhine/McFerson/Rocha lineup.)

Repent or Burn in Hell 2 features Stone 588's "Tumulus" and "Creature Feature," a Henry Mancini cover.

"Darkend 2" released January 7, 1998 and again May 20, 2002 by Plastic Head Distribution (Unit 15 Bushell Business Estate, Hithercroft, Wallingford, OXON, OX10 9DD UK) (Featured Kennedy/Rhine/McFerson/Rocha lineup.) features Stone 588's "For Madmen Only." (Lineup was Kennedy/Rhine/Bowe.)

"The Unquiet Grave vol.1" Cleopatra's unsigned band comp features Stone 588's "Mundus Vult Decipi." Released April 27, 1999 on Cleopatra Records, 8726 S. Sepulveda Ste D82, Los Angeles, CA 90045 Email Website (Featured Kennedy/Rhine/Bowe lineup.)

A Feline Leukemia Benefit, "A Cat Shaped Hole in My Heart" released May 4, 1999, will feature Stone 588's "Eye of the Moon" on Projekt Records - 218 S. Wabash Ave #926 Chicago, Il 60604-2316. (Featured Kennedy/Rhine/Bowe lineup.)

"Forevermore" A Tribute to the Mission a summer 1999 release on Germany's Equinoxe label will feature Stone 588's cover of "Spider and the Fly." (Featured Kennedy/Rhine/Sequido/Salzman lineup.)

October 7, 1999 Gothic Grimoire's Cure Tribute "15 Imaginary Songs" with Stone 588's rendition of "Hanging Garden" released in late 1999 on Equinoxe: c/o Thorston Kubler at Rauschenberg 14; D-59469 Ense-Bremen, Germany fax 49-2922-979858 (Featured Kennedy/Rhine/Bowe lineup.)

"Witchcraft" Released October 19, 1999 this sampler was compiled by Tony Lestat of Wreckage is out on Cleopatra and includes Stone 588's "L'Envoi Morts." Cleopatra Records, 8726 S. Sepulveda Ste D82, Los Angeles, CA 90045 Email Website (Players on this recording were Kennedy/Rhine/Bowe/Daugherty.)

Midnight Claret" 8 song Stone 588 cd released in 2000 and only available from Ipso Facto. Features a Christian Death cover "Dreams for Mother," a Cure cover "Hanging Garden" (featuring Kennedy/Rhine/Bowe) and tracks from the forthcoming full length cd. (CD tracks featured Kennedy/Rhine/Bowe/Burton. Recorded at Pacific Coast Studios, Long Beach 1997-1999)

An atmospheric track entitled "Conversations With Chaos" is on the 2000 Dion Fortune tribute to H. P. Lovecraft, "The Challenge From Beyond," compiled by Jonathan Sharp of New Mind, Hexedene. This comp also features a collaboration between Stone 588 vocalist Terri Kennedy and Jonathan Sharp entitled "Dreams in the Witch House." (Featured Kennedy/Bowe/ Pestanas lineup.)

September 4, 2001: compilation release "Songs of Terror" is an Edgar Allen Poe tribute compiled by Tony Lestat for Cleopatra Records. Stone 588's contribution was "Momento Mori." (Lineup was Kennedy/Rhine/Bowe/Hanson.)

September 24, 2002: Cleopatra/Tony Lestat romantic themed comp "Kiss the Night" featured Stone 588's "The Enclosed Garden." (Featured Kennedy/Rhine/Bowe lineup.)

"The Tongue Achieves the Dialect" A tribute to Rozz Williams featured a Christian Death cover of "Dream for Mother" by Stone 588. This comp was released by Chris Graves' of Rozznet on vinyl (August 19, 2002) and cd (January 15, 2003) from Dark Vinyl, Germany.

"Eden's Eyes" 2007 re-release of early Stone 588 cassette tracks from original masters available for the first time on cd.

"Vienna" by Ultravox was covered by Stone 588 in March 2004 for an Italian New Wave comp on Palace of Worms Records. As yet unreleased. (Featured Kennedy/Rhine/Bowe lineup.)

Palace of Worms' New Wave compilation will carry Stone 588's cover of "Vienna" by Ultravox.

Stone 588's music will appear in a forthcoming independant vampire-themed film, "Circle of Five." (Features Kennedy/Sequido.)

Eden's Eyes, Stone 588's two early cassette releases (Eyes of a Statue and Eden Lost)are finally on cd! (2007) Back to the homepage