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This excerpt from Lady Sorrow's myspace blog appeared on November 5, 2006
"Regardless of the money situation, I went to Fantom Opera to see Stone 588 with my friend Lisa.
As for Stone 588 they put on an awesome show last night! It's pretty cool to watch a friend whom you have known for over two years sing on stage. Terri's got an awesome voice! I had already heard Stone 588's CD, but the pristine on stage performance was absolutely impressive! Often vocalists don't sound as good on stage as they do in the recording studio. Not the case with Terri. She sounded even better live! Dave did a kick ass job on guitar as did the rest of the band. Yeah and Robert deserves extra kudos for doing the sound even if he *was* trying to pimp me last night (the goofball), LOL!
I think what I appreciate the most is the originality of their sound. Too many bands sound alike - not so with Stone 588! I appreciate talent along with originality and they have both skillfully mastered.
So if you didn't catch the show, you really missed an absolutely superb performance."

This excerpt from a German message board at
nominated Stone 588 vocalist Terri Kennedy in a "Best voice" discussion thread, with the description "absolutely apokalyptisch!" long with Greta of Untoten and Christina of In Tenebris.

GOTHIC PARADISE Review of the Rozz Williams tribute cd "The Tongue Achieves the Dialect" at "In the world of tribute albums it can be hard to find a good tribute where the artists stay true to the style of the artist they are paying tribute to and yet add their own touches as to more fully show respect for the music the artist has left behind. In the case of this album, the artists pay their respects and do covers of the many tracks that the late Rozz Williams left behind. I find that these artists in general do a good job of recreating in their own way the songs covered herein. Kicking it off is Omewenne performing "In Winds of Time My Body", one of the more laid-back tracks on this album and very nice in many ways that you almost wouldnt expect on this album. Now Galaxxy Chamber does pick up with what I would expect more on this tribute with a joint cover of "Stairs and Prayer" the obscure deathrock style really stands out like I think Rozz meant it to be. Along with many of these classic tracks covered, its nice to see that the artists that contribute are also those that were influenced by or collaborated with Rozz on his various projects. Included are legendary greats as well as some newcomers that have quickly made a name for themselves, including Crush Violets, Gitane Demone, Stone 588, Audra and Heaven Falls Hard. I certainly have some favorites out of these, including the artists Ive listed. I think that Casuals cover of "Deathwish" is extremely well done and stays well within the original style. Stone 588 performs "Dream for Mother" with their unique style that delves right into female-fronted Gothic/Deathrock. Audra have been around for a few years with a couple of albums, but are still relative newcomers and do an excellent cover of "The Glass House". Besides the covers on this album we re also presented with a tribute song "The Devil and Mr. Williams" by MKA. This track is more of a folk song about Rozz and his death, excellently done with acoustic guitar and thoughtful lyrics. As far as tributes go, I think overall, this one is very well done. Rating: 4/5"


Review of Equinoxe's Cure tribute which featured Stone 588's cover of "The Hanging Garden."
"......WINTERMUTE, DICHROIC MIRROR, WHISPERS IN THE SHADOW and STONE 588 lull the listener into a comfortable, gloomy melancholia. ...
...The Cure mastermind Robert Smith himself became enthusiastic about this compilation and the interpretations of his songs. will hear very good versions of The Cure covers by Puppetland, Decadence, Stahlinorgel, Stone 588 and The Escape."

Review of Gothic Rock 2 Darkend - Various Artists featuring a Stone 588 song "For Madmen Only"(Darkened c/o Plastic Head Music)by Haydn Black located here:
"....America's Stone 588 have the benefit of Terri Kennedy as an aural footprint - her voice is un-duplicable. 'For Madmen Only' is a new song, which continues along in the vein of their Door In The Dragons Throat album. It may be nothing new, but at least it's well presented....Thankfully, disc one closes with the sweet but plastic Mantra, which offers a variation on the style presented by Dead Soul's Rising at the other bookend. In fact, it could almost be the same band. Imagine Cocteau Twins, with Terri Kennedy on vocals, in a foul mood."

Audiostreet fan review by Moonfae posted on February 13, 2005
I really very much appreciate your music. Your song "Golden City" is extremely beautiful.
Whoever writes the lyrics for these songs is a poetic genius.
This is very unique, timeless music.
The melodies glitter like a million fractals, each sphere showing the observer a grander universe full of rich shadows and powerful revelations.


Excerpt from liner notes of a soon to be released vampire film by Michael Walker, "Circle of Time" which features three Stone 588 songs: "Ruination," "Momento Mori" and "Tumulus." The music of Stone 588 is at once Mediaeval and modern. It appears in the film under several of the night time exteriors to add suspense. Like a rocked up Gregorian chant "Momento Mori" and "Ruination" tear through the night air like the vampires themsleves."

The "Storm the Palace" compilation cd review by "Children of the Night" mentions Stone 588 whose song "Tannhauser" appears on this Italian medeival compilation cd. Read the full review at:
"When leaving for California Robert Plant was looking for a girl who could play the guitar, weep and sing at the same time, but, disappointed, realized that such a girl hadn't been born yet. He has unconsciously influenced the forming of certain STONE 588 whose "Tannhauser" confutes his famous remark..."

2003 New Witch Magazine Issue 5 (Oct 2003-Jan 2004)

Excerpt from their review of the "Witchcraft" comp on Cleopatra in the article "Spotlight on Pagan Bands" on page 68.

"Stone 588's "L'Envoi Morts" creates one fo the more grounded pieces of the collection, with beautifully passionate vocal crescendos and a rhythm and beat reminiscent of traditional chanting circles."


Review of Stone 588's cover of Christian Death's "Dream for Mother" which will appear on the forthcoming Rozznet Rozz Tribute cd (and on the already released vinyl version) "The Tongue Achieves the Dialect."

Maybe one of the best known bands on these records are STONE 588, who open for Side C . Great band, which covers "Dream For Mother" , a wonderful mixture of early Christian Death sound and a heavy Siouxsie And The Banshees feeling. One of the greatest songs here. "

On Starvox' website here Mick Mercer reviewed the compilation cd 'Songs of Terror" in 2002 and had this to say about Stone 588's track "Momento Mori."
"...Elsewhere, Stone 588 are consistently impressive throughout ‘Momento Mori’ with a wounded rock feel and fluttering vocals that emanate intensity."

2001 Deathrock.Com

Review of "Momento Mori" on Cleopatra Poe Tribute "Songs of Terror."

Stone 588 bite back with 'Momento Mori', a song that sounds like Christian Death (musically) meets Cocteau Twins (vocally), which is on the more deathrock side of things.
I've overlooked Stone 588 for some time now, unduly so! This song is quite possibly one of the best here.
The guitars and bells are awesome, and the fluttery female vocals are impressive.

October 2001 review of "Songs of Terror" Poe Tribute on Cleopatra Records featuring Stone 588's "Momento Mori." by DJ Johnson at
"Stone 588 tackles "Momento Mori," based on Masque Of The Red Death, Poe's tale that was a thinly veiled account of the horrors of watching his wife die from Tuberculosis. The darkness and sheer emptiness of the ending is related perfectly. Again, this doesn't quote so much as conjure and relate, projecting emotions of the past... "

Review by Guido Borghetti of his dark and middle ages compilation on "Storm the Palace" Palace of Worms Records which featured Stone 588's "Tannhauser." Located on the web here:
"...Stone 588 will surprise many of their fans with this track. Not at all the traditional goth with Siouxsie vocals, but harmonic flutes, strings,some violin and Terri's much more mature and defined vocals distinguish this song from their previous work..."

Review of Door in the Dragon's Throat on "Recycle Your Ears" website by Nickolas, March 19, 2000

"Door in the Dragon's Throat" is a compilation of 21 old, rare or sampler tracks by the veteran American gothic rock band Stone 588.
On this CD, Terri Kennedy's band shows a panel of their important collection of songs, as well as the different steps the bands has done throughout its now long history.

Without an hesitation, these 21 tracks are pure soft gothic rock in the American way.
The band relies mostly on Terri's voice, which is, at time, very reminiscent of Siouxsie, and Dave Rhine's guitar, which reminds me of Mephisto Walz's.

However, there is a clear evolution in this "Door in the Dragon's Throat".
In my opinion, the first songs show a heavy influence of the softiest sides of goths or cold waves.
As you go on through the record, the rhythms gets slightly faster, and the guitars slightly more aggressive.
Even if the sound of the band remains almost the same, the second half the CD is far better, as more energy and originality is put in the tracks.
Even though Stone 588 don't really sound up to date with this collection, it would be dishonest to say that the songs are bad or boring.
These 21 tracks are a good testimony of what this band can do (and has done), and should appeal to any fan of soft goth rock.
People into Die Laughing or the latest Mephisto Walz release should be pleased by this "Door in the Dragon's Throat".
Nicolas, March 19, 2000

Review from Door In The Dragon's Throat; 1995; 21 track CD; My first instinct is to say that Stone 588 sounds too much like Siouxsie and the Banshees, but they are listed as an influence on the band's bio so, why not? Lightning Rails is a good song to start with. In Sunset Abyss I can hear the other main influence of this band (one of my favorites) -- Killing Joke. I can hear it particularly in the guitar work. This song paints a mystic portrait of fields and ancient circle stones. The tracks midway through this recording have more profound lyrics. Unguarded World appears to be about watching out for corporations and governments that are not giving us the full picture of things, and how too many people accept what these organizations tell us without question. In Stygian Darkness, singer Terri Kennedy evokes the seduction of the night. Panacea is about an incubus deflowering a virgin. This song contains my favorite lyric on this album: "A thirst for vestal dew, abrading her undefiled hue." What dark poetry! This is followed by the title track, of which I'm not particularly fond, and a couple of mediocre tracks. Then the pace picks up with the rollicking Sleep Chamber. A few more songs round out this CD by a band that has the right sound that goth fans will enjoy.

Excerpt of 04-99 Review by Haydn Black of PHD's "Darkend 2" comp at
America's Stone 588 have the benefit of Terri Kennedy as an aural footprint - her voice is un-duplicable. 'For Madmen Only' is a new song, which continues along in the vein of their Door In The Dragons Mouth album. It may be nothing new, but at least it's well presented. -----------------
Darker Than The Bat Internet Magazine (2000) 15 Imaginary Songs compilation - A Tribute To The Cure (CD - Equinoxe) This being The Cure's 20-year anniversary makes it a perfect time to publish a tribute CD. The Cure is one of the pioneers in the wave/goth-scene and has influenced a lot of bands. 15 bands have reworked songs of this legendary band adding beats, a rock sound or by just playing the song acoustically. Some bands trying to copy The Cure others bringing a totally new version. A Forest is the first song on this compilation and it is brought by the Australian band One. Beside bands Like Whispers In The Shadow, Sofia Run, This Vale Of Tears and Morbid Poetry you will hear very good versions of The Cure covers by Puppetland, Decadence, Stahlinorgel, Stone 588 and The Escape.

Review of Forevermore, A Tribute to the Mission by Blu at Flipside Magazine, Summer 1999 Flipside Magazine (USA summer 1999) I usually don‘t like tribute albums that much because I find myself liking the originals so much more it kind of negates the point of listening to the covers. Especially when I really like the original band like The Mission. And then again, its very nice being pleasantly surprised. Mastered at Etage Music by Jochen Schoberth (who recently brought us Artwork‘s Digital Karma), Forevermore was the work of some true Mission fans who wanted to thank the band for the music they gave us. Jörg Kleudgen, Andre Kroggel, and Thorsten Kübler compiled 16 songs from bands such as Funhouse, One, The House Of Usher, Passion Play, Fahrenheit 451, Stone 588, Kismet and others to form an impressive collection. None of the bands slaughter the originals (which is usually my fear on tribute albums) but instead walk that thin line between being faithful enough to the original material that it doesn‘t lose its charm and yet adding something of their own essence to the song. Its all been done with musical skill and admiration - the result is a powerful collection of Mission favorites that include, Over The Hills And Far Away, Spider And The Fly, Wasteland and Never Again just to name a few. It was, in my eyes, a hard task to take on for any set of bands- they should all be proud of themselves. I wish more tribute albums were like this.


Wrapped in Wire (ezine) Jan '98

Wrapped in Wire Interview Online Band: STONE 588 Album: "Door In The Dragon's Throat" (1995) Label: Lithic Music Style: Goth Songs: 21 Rating: B (In an A to F Rating)

Right when this album begins it has a familar sound to it.
It's traditional goth music with beautiful female vocals.
Think of maybe Siouxsie with a darker edge and less of a pop vibe.
The music is created strictly with guitar, bass and drums.
Although I prefer goth music with keyboards used to add a dramatic, orchestrated and haunting edge, Stone 588 is able to create mood with their organic instruments.
There is talent here and it's proven on each of the 21 tracks. While the music creates the overall feel, Terri Kennedy helps to carry the songs along with her diverse and emotional voice.
This band is indeed a team effort and mix all of their skills together to create some very powerful songs. Everything is good here. There is nothing that you will want to skip past.
Once you press play on your stereo you are lost in the world that this band creates and can't help but continue listening.
There is a lot of variety to be enjoyed due to the fact that there are songs here that rock hard and heavy as well as songs that are more melodic, beautiful and soothing. The bottom line is that if you like goth music, you just can't go wrong with this album.

Flux Europa Review by Rik June 1997.
"STONE 588 Stone 588 is a post-punk goth-rock foursome formed in 1992 in Fullerton, California, and centred around singer-songwriter Terri Kennedy and guitarist Dave Rhine.
They appear on many compilations but their most important recording to date is the excellent Door in the Dragon's Throat (1995), a 21-song album which comprised remixes and re-releases of earlier material as well as six new tracks.
Terri's distinctive voice is sonorous and powerful and has more than a hint of Siouxsie-Sioux. The music, which is influenced by Catholic choral music, is also suggestive of Dead Can Dance.
Terri has no particular axe to grind, but is a Europhile and draws inspiration from classical literature and personal experience, with the usual goth leitmotifs. Besides the group, Terri also runs a gothic fashion/retail record store and has a site on the Web."
RIK Dated: 18 June 1997

The Aether Sanctum Review of the Plastichead Music compilation "Darkend" Gothic Rock part 2 on which appeared the Stone 588 track "For Madmen Only." By Hayden 3-10-99.

"America's Stone 588 have the benefit of Terri Kennedy as an aural footprint - her voice is unique.
'For Madmen Only' is a new song, which continues along in the vein of their Door In The Dragons Throat album.
It may be nothing new, but at least its well presented."



Bangor, ME, USA, The Best of Gothika Magazine -October 1996 Issue

Stone 588-Door in the Dragon's Throat

Why is it that the most excellent material is always the toughest to review? Perhaps it is because Stone 588's Door in the Dragon's Throat CD does excel and exceed all expectations that it defies the standard comparisions which are the reviewer's stock in trade.
To make an attempt, let me say that vocalist Terri Kennedy serves up a performance Siouxsie would die for, with a trick of turning into a nightmare Amy Mann as she reshapes words into her own bizarre image and jumps pitch with high-priestess perfection.
Seriously, kids, this is the disc I played constantly while putting together this book, this and no other.
The opening track, Lightning Rails, and the later Night Behind the Mind, stay with me the longest after each hearing for their sheer musical originality, but perhaps Paradise Fields, Ruination and Blur Red are most appreciated for their penetrating, burgundy-edged lyrics, each one a poem in its own right, worthy and reminiscent of Hoagie.
Did I mention you have to think to listen with this one?
Songwriter Kennedy has a vocabulary only a true Drac Packer could admire.
Tracks like Stygian Darkness, a piece of dark elegance and simplicity, join Of the Ambush of God
(what a title) with its oceanic background and Buffy-Saint_Marie delivery to contrast wickedly with the depth-pounding power drivers like Scales of Justice and Posthumous, whose commanding instrumental intensity true monster-heads will find addictive.
I'll never forget listening to the disc all the way through for the first time, feet up in my dark garret study, wine glass almost neglected, eyes closed, with no other sound in the house but that of my white--well, dog, for the sake of argument,
though she is something more wild than tame--gnawing peacefully on a four-foot shank bone at my feet.
If you're looking for something delicious and strange, and I know all my children are, Stone 588's Door in the Dragon's Throat is it and more.
Don't dare miss it.



Darmstadt, Germany, Winter/Spring '95

Fight Amnesia Review Online

Stone 588-Catharsis Cassette

"Let me drink of the spirit of that music, oh more-I am thirsting yet." Those words by P.B. Shelley describe that which I am unable to express in my own words when listening to this band.
From Fullerton, in California hail Stone 588 and since I received the tape I really can't do without listening to it over and over again.
The music of Stone 588 has its roots in the post-punk era of Killing Joke and Siouxsie.
The rhythm section is of the very tight sort, while the guitars have a John McGeough touch and even remind me of The Chameleons or early Christian Death.
Terri Kennedy's brilliant voice stands out showing some influences of All About Eve, Siouxsie and Dead Can Dance but most of all having a unique character to be heard on the very different vocal variations that shall leave you speechless with surprise!
I'm sure that this tape is a must for all friends of great psychedelic music and not for goths only!
And it wouldn't be too much to say that this is the best we've received in the last months.
Highly recommended!
- Janis



Finland, Issue 5, 1997

Chaotik Webzine Review Online Stone 588-Door in the Dragon's Throat (1995) CD

Stone 588 is a four piece gothic band from US with a female lead singer Terri. Door in the Dragon's Throat is a massive 21 song and 75 minute release containing all the previous material of the band [actually, not everything!-ed.]and some new tracks giving you a full profile of what the band is about.

Terri's mesmerizing unique dark voice combined with ethereal, flowing and haunting melodies takes you a trip thru this 75 minute release.
It doesn't sound like a collection of individual songs really and this is not just because the manufacture error of this promo copy, I have which doesn't have individual tracking encoding, but the feeling and the melodies thru the album are the same focusing on the vocals of Terri.
Her vocals are a bit like a mixture of Lisa Gerrard of Dead Can Dance and Kate Bush, but stronger and more daring and hitting higher and darker notes.
The band is not too pop for metal fans to listen as it has a real drummer and guitarist whose riffs aren't very catchy in the traditional sense but serves more like a background guitar "noise."
Making this kind of compilation album is always nice for the fans but tends to be a bit much at once for the average listener.



November 1996 - Aether Sanctum Review Online

Stone 588-Door in the Dragon's Throat

Stone 588's debut to the cd format is divine.
It radiates a charm that has caused it to become glued to my CD player. 21 tracks long and not one a dud. From the pounding opening of Lightning Rails to the intense spoken word Stygian Darkness we are hurled into a journey beyond the abyss into a world of pounding dark wave rhythms that cut through the air with the aid of Terri Kennedy's amazing vocal range and versatility.
Tracks have been recorded over the past two years and show the essential ability of the band to create dark slabs of powerful music unparalleled.
At its finest moments this CD is nothing short of genius.
The lyrics are influenced by romantic poetry Heroines of Strength wept from his pen/ Anguished in the affliction in the words of a man. The mystic world awaits you in this CD.
Soaring operatic vocals, and songs that cover as wide a range as topics exist. One of the albums of the year.
Comparisons are empty and worthless in this case."
- Zillah



Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, UK, Issue 19, October 1997

Stone 588-Door in the Dragon's Throat CD Album

I'd never heard this before, but I gather they're quite big in the States.
The first listen to their CD was like a trip back to the early Siouxsie and the Banshees albums!
Terri, the vocalist, has a very mystical voice, taking influences from Siouxsie, Julianne Regan and even sounding like Kate Bush in places!
The music is typical goth rock with swirling guitar over tribal type drumming. The CD contains a mega 21 tracks - too many to go into details, but every one is well worth a listen, and are all unique and original.
The CD features both slow and fast tracks, spoken vocals, and wailing reminding me of Lisa Gerrard's work (Dead Can Dance). An excellent release, and especially recommended if you like Siouxsie, Mephisto Walz, etc.
- Jess



Madrid-Spain, Fall 1997

Stone 588-Door in the Dragon's Throat

We finally have our hands on this complete CD of Stone 588 after appearing in diverse compilations.
Nothing less than 21 great tracks of recording made between 1994 and 1996, which will delight fans of Siouxsie for their vocal similarity, although this girl is more alive and with more shades.
With the continuing presence of some granting guitars in style Mephisto Walz and Co.
They make a cocktail of songs full of power, for the worshippers of the purest death-rock without preservatives.



British Columbia, Canada

Door in the Dragon's Throat

Captivating post-punk goth that perches atop a dark granite wall of melodic vocals and tribal rhythms, weaving a shifting tapestry of intricate beguiling music that glows with poisonous beauty.
Lyrical imagery plummets through the soundscapes like a marble being drummed through a shimmering bubble, as Terri Kennedy's evocative vocal delivery creates a supernatural atmosphere that can send chills down the spine, as heard on Icon Bleeds. Stone 588 unravels a multifaceted delivery that can be thoughtful and intense one moment, and embracing enchanted mantras the next, with each neurotic lullaby rounded out by the starkly vivid poetry of Kennedy, who paints dark, swirling pictures.
"And the rats that tasted your flesh in your cell/Now bite the throat of madness and hurl you to the depths of hell." (From Scales of Justice) The twenty-one songs (over seventy minutes!) of music includes tracks from Stone 588's previous demos (Eyes of a Statue, Eden Lost and Catharsis) in addition to compilation contributions and six new tunes.
This CD goes for $14.99 plus $2.50 freight and there are also tee-shirts and old demos available.




Door in the Dragon's Throat

Review of Door in the Dragon's Throat from Last Sigh Ezine's Kim Alexander in May 1999. ( Last Sigh Review Online by Donald Netolitzky Evidence that musical styles truly never do completely disappear, Stone 588 is, in many ways, a return to a different gothic age.
Shorn of the electronic/synthetic elements, and aggressive dance beat so prevalent in many current goth projects, this veteran musical presence is strongly reminiscent of the classic early 80's goth-rock sounds of groups such as Siouxsie and the Banshees, The Cure, Bauhaus, and other seminal bands.
And on the whole, rather than a simple pastiche, the result is a comfortable one indeed.
Musically, the album "Door In the Dragon's Throat" is dominated by two elements, the emotive vocals of Terri Kennedy, and the liquid electric guitar of David Rhine.
Both are effective, but Kennedy's vocals, in particular, are striking, rich and appealing.
Expanding from the conventional celtic forms, a near tribal, middle eastern tone is found in certain tracks, offering an elegant variation in tone and tenor.
Lyrical subject matter is consistent with the conventional goth modes, poetic, addressing topics including the supernatural, mythic, ceremonial, but most certainly, dark, without approaching an excessively theatric tone.
Never aggressive, Stone 588 ranges from a mellow flow, to periodically atmospheric, at some times ethereal.
While the pace is likely slow for dance, the album itself offers a pleasant, relaxed listening experience, with sufficient variation to avoid a sense of homogeneity.
Another simple delight is the album length - in a day and age when 45 minutes of music equates full price, this CD is at the physical limit of the medium - over 74 minutes, without a host of disinteresting and repetitive remixes.
Those fond of the vocals and musical forms of Lisa Gerard of Dead Can Dance and Rhea's Obsession will likely find familiar territory within Door to the Dragon's Throat, the flowing guitar presence is in no way intrusive.
Similarly, listeners to goth projects led by female artists such as Die Laughing, and Athamay should enjoy Stone 588 gentle compositions, as will those who find yourselves drifting to the CD racks to re-examine the musical developments which led to this persistent and creative subculture.

Sonic Seducer's Review of Door in the Dragon's Throat by Thomas
Huh, what do we have there?
The debut album "Door in The Dragon's Throat" of the American Goth formation Stone 588 has of course a few days on the embossment, nothing despite this really beautiful wafer in the Sonic was ever discussed.
Thus we get now times after... Stone 588 is a quartet in the classical sense.
Is ordered pure, handmade Goth music, which is carried first of all by the marvelous voice by frontwoman Terri Kennedy, which among other things already took over the live background for Faith & The Muse.

I would arrange the good woman somewhere between Siouxsie Sioux and old X mal Germany.
The debut CD is 21 (!!!) songs, which can convince all together.
I would like to particularly emphasize, however "Poseidon's Grace", as well as the mega-ingenious "Ruination", with guitar sounds that genuinely run a cold shower down the back.
Stone 588 work momentarily on their new album, and even if this can attach qualitatively only approximately at "Door in The Dragon's Throat", we can expect a further scoop!
Copyright by SONIC SEDUCER and Thomas. See reviews of Stone 588 on comps such as "Forevermore a Tribute to the Mission" below and the Cleopatra "Unquiet Grave" unsigned band comp on the above website.
Neben eher klassisch interpretierten Versionen wie beispielsweise von Funhouse und Burning Gates bekommt man wirklich Eigenwilliges von Gutsmuths (Ex-Exedra) und Stone 588 zu hören. Auch wenn ich den Eindruck nicht loswerde, daß Complicitys Version von "Sacrilege" seltsam schnell klingt, so machen die interessanten Interpretationen von Kismet, One (Ex-Meridian), Second Skin, The House Of Usher und Cream VIII deutlich, wie stark The Mission eine ganze Generation von nachwachsenden Bands in ihrer Ästhetik beeinflußt hat. Bezeichnenderweise stammen die gecoverten Songs aus allen Schaffensperioden von The Mission, deren Breitenwirkung mit dieser Tribute-Compilation wieder einmal bestätigt wird.

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