Ongoing Salon Lecture Series with Dr. James Rietveld

Ipso Facto Art of Rozz Williams Book Signing Nico Rikk Gitane Feb 12 2017

Ipso Facto Father Sebastiaan Fangsmithing Day February 4 2017

Ipso Facto 27th Vaudeville/Steampunk Anniversary 2016

Strap on Halo Live at Ipso Facto August 24, 2016

Ipso Facto 26th Anniversary 2015 with Sister Black

Ipso Facto 25th Anniversary 2014 with Coffin Draggers

Ipso Facto 24th Anniversary 2013 with Vain Machine

Ipso Facto 23rd Anniversary 2012 with D-Tox, Former Humans

Ipso Facto's 22nd Anniversary with Unextraordinary Gentlemen

Ipso Facto 21st Anniversary with Peeling Grey 2010

Ipso Facto 20th Anniversary with Bloodpenny and bellydancers Katarina & Saviya-Nov 8, 2009

Audra live at Ipso on April 13, 2008

The Last Dance In-Store Appearance Nov 26, 2006

Faith & the Muse In-Store Appearance Nov 28, 2004

Mors Syphilitica, Audra & Voltaire 2001-2004 In-Stores

League of Vampiric Bards In-Store Appearance Oct 10, 2004

Semi & Human Drama March & May 2004

Ipso 18th Anniversary with Demonika & the Darklings 2007

Ipso 19th Anniversary with I Still Have Nightmares 2008