Ipso Facto Hair Dye

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manic panic hair dye

4001 -Manic Panic Classic Creme Hair Dye - $12.50 per jar. Pastelizer $8.85 Discontinued colors SALE $10.00 See pulldown menu.
Manic Panic Semi-Permanent vegetable dye in a conditioning creme base. Lasts three to six weeks. These glow under blacklight:Cotton Candy Pink, Electric Lizard, Electric Banana, Elect Tiger Lily, Mermaid, Pretty Flamingo, Red Passion, Sirens Song.
manic panic amplified cream hair dye 4011 - Manic Panic Amplified cream hair dye in 4 oz. jar. Lasts 30% longer. Was $17.75 ea. SALE $11.00
These colors glow under blacklight: Cotton Candy Pink, Elect. Lizard, Hellfire, Atomic Pink, SIrens Song.
special effects hair dye 1HD - Special Effects creme hair dye in 4 oz. squeeze bottle. $14.50
Lasts longer than any other semi-permanent brand we've tried.
Best when used on bleached hair.
See Special Effects site for instructions These glow under black light: Atomic Pink, Nuclear Red, Cherry Bomb, Hi-Octane Orange, Joyride, Cupcake Pink, Napalm Orange.
jerome russell gelle hair dye 1918 - Punky Colors domestically manufactured semi-permanent gelle hair dye in a 5 oz. squeeze bottle. Discontinued by the manufacturer. Avail colors: flaming red.Was $9.00 NOW on SALE $4.75 Each.
jerome russell creme hair dye 014-Punky Colors domestically manufactured semi-permanent creme hair dye in 3.5 oz jar. Was $9.00 now on SALE $4.50 each.
jerome russell creme hair dye 044 - Sparks is Jerome Russell's new line of professional high quality, long lasting, bright semi-permanent hair dye. 3 oz tube. Was $8.50 Each.SALE $6.50
 Jerome Russell Punk Off hair dye stain remover for skin 2149 - Jerome Russell Punk Off hair dye stain remover for skin. Was $9.50 SALE $7.50
Manic Panic Color Fiend gelle hair dye ManicPanicColorFiend - Manic Panic Color Fiend gelle hair dye. Lasts 2 - 8 washes. Was $7.00 now on SALE $3.00
 Jerome Russell BWild Hair Dye in box BWildHair Dye - Jerome Russell B Wild Hair Dye. Was $10.50 now on SALE $ 5.50
manic panic high voltage shampoo MPHiVoltShampoo - Manic Panic high voltage colorizing shampoo. Maintains intesity of colored hair, highlights and tones darker hair, adds pastel shades to blonde hair. In purple, blue or orange/red. Was $8.50. SALE $6.75

BLEACHING/DYING INSTRUCTIONS. Intensity of resulting dyed color depends on original hair color.
If dark, bleaching first is recommended for maximum effect (dye will wash out almost immediately otherwise or not be visible).
All semi-permanent dyes last 3-8 weeks depending on several factors; how often hair is washed, dryness of hair type,
if it is bleached prior to dying, and if other dyes are already present.
Gels last longest, particularly Special Effects. We cannot guarantee color results or length of time color will remain.
Note: None of our dyes were tested on animals. Punky/Jerome Russell and Manic Panic dyes are vegetable dyes, but Special Effects is not.
Toners: Toners should be used after bleaching hair if result is brassy yellow instead of the desired white.
They can also be used as mixers, producing a lighter shade.
Blend cream toners with cream hair dye, and gel toner with gel hair dye.
BLEACHING: Choose 30 volume for light, thin hair and 40 volume for thick, dark hair. Wear gloves.
Do not wear clothing that you do not want bleached.
Mix a small portion of peroxide in a non-metallic bowl. Add an equal amount of bleach. Mix, then let stand briefly.
If it is your first time bleaching, do a strand test to get an idea of the results and how long to leave in bleach.
(usually 20 to 40 minutes..Lighter hair requires less time. Dark hair can take close to an hour, particularly if thick).
For streaking, you may wish to use a plastic cap, pulling hair through holes and applying bleach evenly with a tint brush to hair you want bleached (both avail. in Jerome Russell's or Manic's bleach kits)..
After applying product, cover head with cap (or use a hair dryer) to accelerate the process. Avoid contact with eyes and skin.
Once finished bleaching if the result is too orangey use toner or a second application of bleach (we recommend waiting a day in between).
Be careful not to leave bleach on too long or hair will become stretchy and break off!
You could use 40 volume to lift such an extremely dark color, and leave it on as long as you can without damgaging, but with black dye (especially if permanent) we recomend letting it grow out rather than bleaching it because its very, very hard to get out black dye comepletely.
If you do decide to try anyway, you'll probably have to bleach it more than once to get it nearly white.
Note: repeated bleaching will severely damage your hair, so you have to watch the bleaching progress carefully, testing small areas or you could have some hair fall out, or at least get so stretchy and thin that a comb-thru will result in hair coming out.
You'll probably have sections of your hair where the bleach won't lift the black evenly or barely at all.
Once (or if) you get the black sufficiently out and if the hair does not lose the orangey tone then you will need to use toner on it.
Toner has a conditioning effect and does not further damage the hair.
After you've succeeded in getting it lightened enought then you can apply the dye.
Most people spend a day just getting this far and dye it the next day.

DYING (after bleaching): Wear gloves and cover your hairline with vaseline to avoid staining of skin (ears in particular).
Do not wear clothing that you do not wish to have stained.
Apply dye to areas you want colored. Leave on for 20 to 40 minutes. Rinse with cool water until no dye is visible in rise water.
To maintain color, use Punky Color Lock shampoo, or put a small amount (a capful) of dye in each subsequent application of conditioner or shampoo to keep the color bright and long-lasting.