Includes Manic Panic Foundation, Lipstick, Goth White, Powder, Coffin Dust, Bloody Mary Products, Bindhis

Manic Panic dreamtone liquid foundation, goth white, and powder compact

DTF38503 - Manic Panic Virgin white Dreamtone Liquid Foundation. $10.00
PPO38001 - Manic Panic Virgin pressed white powder compact with mirror and puff. Comes in sheer drawstring bag. $18.85
GWH38101 - Goth white Manic Panic creme white powder makeup. Small compact in drawstring bag. Add water to make foundation or wear as a finishing powder. $10.00
manic panic eye shadow ESH - Manic Panic eye shadow. Can also be used for blush. $12.75 ea.
manic panic eye paint GSH - Manic Panic eye paint. $10.00 ea.
manic panic coffin dust CFD Manic Panic Coffin Dust -A super fine powder, use as body glitter, eyeshadow or on face or hair. Comes in perforated shaker container. $10.00 Each.
manic panic coffin dust LDU Manic Panic Lust Dust -Powdery loose mineral paints loaded with pigment and pizazz in the sexiest, boldest colors. 3 grams $11.50 Each.
manic panic lipstick LMA/LME Manic Panic Lipstick - $14.00 Each.
Manic Panic Lethal Lips Lip Gloss LLG 80001- Manic Panic LethalLips Lip Gloss - $14.00 Each.
Bleeding Edge Rigor Mortis Makeup and lip Embalm 9000 Rigor Mortis Makeup "Pride" Deadly sins makeup kit. Was $8.50 Sale $7.00
Jerome Russell glitter black lipstick 2433 - Jerome Russell glitter black lipstick. Was $4.50 SALE $3.50
Manic Panic ELectric Warrior blue eye shadow/ body paint electricwarrior -Manic Panic ELectric Warrior blue eye shadow/ body paint. $9.00
Goth nail polish Bloody Mary gothnailpolish - Bloody Mary "Professional" Goth nail polish by Bobbie Weiner. Black only. $5.50
Assorted adhesive bindhis in various colors to decorate forehead, navel or eye area. Navel bindhi and Roop Nihar Forehead/nose bindhis, 7 piece tiny star set, Eyelid Gems were $4.50.SALE $1.00 Five Piece Roop Nikhar Bindhi set Were $6.50 SALE $1.00
bindhis BINDHIS Adhesive assorted colors eyebrow and round clear bindhis. Were $3.00 to $5.00 SALE $1.00
 Bloody Mary purple Sparkle Dust eye shadow bmeyeshadow2 -GD3 Bloody Mary purple Sparkle Dust eye shadow. .5 oz. $11.50
 Blue Atomic Cosmetics eye shadow/ body glitter eyeshadowbdygl -Blue Atomic Cosmetics eye shadow/ body glitter. Was $13.50 SALE $5.50
 Bloody Mary eye shadow bmeyeshadow2 - Bloody Mary eye shadow. Can be used wet or dry. $11.50