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Testimonials From Ipso Facto Customers

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We really appreciate your business!


Received from Dennis on February 20, 2017
Dear Ipso Facto Owner(s)-
Ny name is Dennis and I wish to relate my experience in your store last Saturday, 11th of February.
My wife and I used to live in Fullerton many years ago and Ipso Facto (along with Balck Hole and Stray Cat) was one of our favorite stores in the area. Anywho, we were there with our oldest daughter last Saturday and stopped in to see what was what.
Your salesman James greeted us and waited on us hand and foot. He was a pleasure, as he really knew his products well, and conversed freely with my wife and I, and showed us all the latest, greatest and newest goods.
We had a great time, and I ended up buying an AWESOME coat, that I just love.
Anyway, I just wanted to tell you you have a good man there.
It was a pleasure doing business with your company (again) and a pleasure working with your man, James.
Keep up the good work.
Peace, Love, Joy and Harmony,

Received December 2, 2016 from Evan
I'd like to message you personally to say thank you so much!
Every item of clothing I've ever bought from your establishment (including my most recent purchase) has both exceeded my expectations and amazed me.
I can honestly say that, I'm a loyal customer of Ipso-Facto and will continue as such for many years to come.
Thank you again, so much!

Received September 29, 2016, from Sarah regarding our Bloodborne Punk Rave men's jacket:
The jacket arrived today, and it looks amazing on him!!

Received August 13, 2016, from Mikayla:
Thank you so much for the great customer service! Have a good day.

Received December 21, 2015 from Ray:
Hello Terri
I received my pants yesterday and they are awesome.
Thank you so much for your service !!

Received from Jillian May 1, 2015
My dress arrived today.
That was really quick and it fits great too!
Very pleased.
I didn't even have to pay any customs.
Thanks very much

Received from Lavon on August 16, 2014
Thank you for the dress!
It's so darling, it came right on time I just wanted to thank you for it.
It's always a pleasure doing business with you.

Recieved from Nikki on August 9, 2014

Amazing clothing, great service, super fast shipping.
Definitely ordering from you guys again!!

Received from Daisy May 27, 2014
Hi Terri,
thank you so much.
the coat is more beautiful than i imagined, i cannot believe that nobody bought it before. i am 1000% happpppy!
the shipping method was really fast and the tracking number told me exactly when it was being delivered.
everything worked out perfectly.
the coat fits perfect, chest, shoulders, waist, just a little tight on the forearms but that is nothing that i cannot adjust.
i am extremely happy.
bearing in mind how this coat fits me, do you think that the vampire knight coat would , even though it is a large?
look forward to hearing from you.
p.s. the picture of the victorian coat on your website. do you happen to have the skirt that it is pictured with?
have a lovely day.
regards to james.

Received from Sarah on December 13, 2013

Hi Terri,
Everything arrived yesterday - incredible!!
I really love both items, they fit perfectly!!
Thanks again,

Received from Priscilla on November 8, 2013
Thanks a lot for the great service and fast shipping the queen of darkness hoody looks amazing.
Thanks again I sure will be back to buy again.

Received from Hoyt on July 11, 2013
Thanks for the quick turnaround!
Pants are wicked cool, you got a customer!


Received from Joe on March 16, 2013

Hi Terri,
Just wanted to say that the jacket and trench arrived on Friday safe and sound.
The trenchcoat especially is just GORGEOUS.

Received from Kristina on February 4, 2013

Thank you again for your amazing service.
I think this is my fifth or sixth order over the last ten years.
you guys are the best!

Received from Sky on January 31, 2013

i got my package, its perfect!
thank you.

Received from Michelle on December 13, 2012
Hi Terri,
Thank you so much for the heads up!
I had recently moved and forgotten to change the address.
I will change it immediately and re-order the product tonight from the Ipso Facto site.

*LOVE the site BTW!

Received from Chiara on December 12,2012
Hi Terri!
really thanxs :)
I'll send you the payment as soon as possibile, and within the 5 days, this is real kind of you :)
best regards and see ya soon!

Received from Lenore on December 10, 2012
Hi I've been going to your shop for yeeears and I havent had the chance to ask ...
what is the scent or scents that smells when you walk into the door.
When I buy clothes from your shop I get excited because I know when I lift whatever it is that I bought up to my nose it smells like your shop!
I love the scent..but don't know what it is? Can you help me with that?
Love & Rockets,

Received from Deanna on November 14, 2012

I just want to thank you for sending my order overnight!!!
You guys rock!!
I will def. be back for more....
I am a professional entertainer (check my site below) and your clothes are going on stage!!!!!
Wishing you a blessed day!!

Received from Lauren on October 5, 2012

Hi, I just want to let you know that I recieved the trench coat a few days ago and it looks great!
I got it as a present for my boyfriend and I'm sure he'll love it.
I just want to thank you for your quick and helpful service!
Have a nice day,

Received on September 26, 2012 from Anthony
Just wanted to let you know i got my package,
thank you for the great customer service, and the excellent product, definitely will refer you...thanks again

Received from Michael on June 11, 2012
Again, thank you very much for the excellent customer service.
I hope to see you guys in a few months when I get home.

Received from Cynthia on May 23, 2012
Thank you so much Terri-
We received the coat today and were able to make it work just fine.
Thank you for your assistance with this!

Received from Moriah on March 18, 2012
Hi terri just wanted to let you know that i recieved the dress and i absolutely love it.
Thank you so much i will be ordering from you again soon thanks again..
. Moriah

Recieved from Emily on February 29. 2012 Thank you so much=^)
im good to go on the order, I can't wait till it comes in^^
I already want to place another order in the future, you guys have an incredible selection on casual gothic clothes, stickers and patches!!
i love it^^
i live in north pole/fairbanks alaska, gothic people other than myself and my friend in anchorage is rare and the long brutal winters make it tough (i think i will sew the joy division patch on a black carhartt coat^^) and im a construction worker, (and trust me, i live up to my nick name, "RedNekGoth").
but i make the most of it, a few months ago in a carpentry training class i made a wooden coffin shaped tool box, i was quite proud of myself^^
okay enough about me, i look forward to recieving my order, keep makeing amazing stuff, i will keep checking out your website and place another order in the future=^)

Received September 28, 2011 from Jean

The package arrived safe and sound, and it's wonderful!
Thank you *so* very much for going the extra mile and for getting it to me quicker than expected.
You guys really rock! :D

Received May 8, 2011 from Santos
Thank You!
You guys are awesome, fast delivery, even threw in some matches =D
I will be a regular customer.

Received April 29, 2011
If you ever have gs8817 in stock, please let me know.
I really would like to have that shirt.
ps...even though there was a hiccup in this order, my shipment got here by friday.

Received April 26, 2011
Good evening Ipso Facto people!
Chances are you won't remember us, but we were on holiday on the States in February of last year and paid many a visit to your shop.
We were the rather not Goth looking couple that kept coming in and spending ages trying stuff on and checking out your awesome range of boots while my Mum and Dad stood around looking a tad awkward.
We were looking for wedding clothes (as we were having our holiday as a reverse honeymoon, getting married on the return) and while I had found a fantastic Zoot suit from El Pachuco, my wife was having a hell of a time finding something she liked.
We ended up buying a purple corset (amongst everything else) and promised we would sent you guys a photo from the big day.
Well better late than never I suppose!
Thank you for helping us make our big day that little bit more special, and I hope business is doing well for you.
(Ed note: a pic of Jen in her corset was attached)

Received March 10, 2011 from Greg

I recieved my order and I want to say thank you.
These pvc pants are what I have been looking for for a long time.
They fit perfectly and shine like no other.
I am sure I will be ordering from you again

Received November 29, 2010 from Wesley
I opened the package today and it is perfect,
Thank You!

Received November 22, 2010
Dear Terri,
I can't thank you enough for taking such good care of me with my recent order.
I called you on Friday saying that i needed you to rush a pair of pants to me for Saturday delivery for a show i'm working on here in SF.
You were super on the ball, and got my pants to me exactly as promised.
Knowing that the US Post Office has all kinds of early cut-off times didn't matter - and you charged me exactly what they charged you (i could tell from the meter strip) - no bs extra charges.
I can't thank you enough, and i'm glad to support you and the store.

Berkeley , CA

Received Tuesday October 5, 2010 from Joseph
I received my order extremely quickly and in great condition.
I really appreciate it!

Received from L.I. on June 24,2010
Ordered a Cure shirt on a Friday, got it Monday (in state), as an added bonus the cost had recently been reduced and they were kind enough to automatically give me the discounted price so....Yay :D
Oh, and the shirt is awesome: exactly as advertised no switches or misrepresentations.
Definitely a return customer,

Received from Daniel on April 29, 2010
I ordered a coat from you, as the email below indicates.
I was promised a 7 day delivery time.
It arrived today, only 48 hours after I ordered it.
Awesome service!
Thank you.

Received from Jerry on April 12, 2010
I was amazed at how quickly the order came in!
Thanks so much!
The jacket is awesome and you will be seeing much more of my buisness.
Definately a professional outfit out there at Ipso Facto!

Godspeed, Jerry -----------------------------

Received from Christian on April 12, 2010
hi many many thanks i m receveid today
my tee shirt is wonderfull you have very very wonderfull
i m you send my pictures could you please your pictures and your shop
i want dream on your unit states
many thanks

Received from Denzel on March 11, 2010
This is Denzel emailing back about the shirts i ordered a while ago.
I just wanted to say that they were really cool and i plan on purchasing again from your company in the future.
Thanks a bunch. -----------------------------

Received January 26, 2010 from Jon
Hi Terri,
Thanks for getting back to me and for the research.
Very cool of you.
The coat looks awesome, let's do it! How soon can I expect delivery? Please advise - Thanks again,

Received January 25, 2010 from Pat
the coat arrived today - thank you so much for being such a diligent employee and customer service rep and taking this into your own hands and finding the coat.
I know my Granddaughter will be thrilled.
Again thank you very much.

Received January 20, 2010 from Jeremy
My order arrived, and I am very satisfied.
Thank you,

Received November 6, 2009
Hey, I tried to figure out how to give you feedback on the site, so let me know on that!
But we are so happy with every purchase we have got from you!! I think this is the third time that we have bought from you, and we just got a Lip Service dress and a Tripp jacket and everything is awesome and exactly as described.
If there is any way i can give you thanks on your site let me know, we LOVE you guys!
Thanks so much, everything is awesome and exactly as shown, shipping is super fast as always and I love that!
We will absolutely buy again and i'm definitely going to refer you to my friends --
Thank you from your Canadian customers,
Rebecca and Darryl xoxo -----------------------------

Received October 30, 2009 from Teratogen
Got the pants today.
Good news! They fit very well!
Thank you kindly for helping me.
I will definitely keep this size. Thanks again. :)

Received October 17, 2009 from Jenn
Thank you so much!
I love ordering from you guys because you are always prompt about getting back to me when I have questions and you have a great selection of clothing!

Received from W. on October 14, 2009

As we like to say heeyah in Bawston - thaaat's a wicked pissah!
Haav' a nice day.
Received from Stephen on September 10, 2009
I just got the shirt I ordered #615. I am very pleased with it.
The quick delivery time was great too.
I definitely be ordering from you again.
Thank you.

Received from Kenna on July 27, 2009
I actually received it this morning. It's beautiful.
You guys are on my permanent shopping list.
Thank you so much!

Received July 25, 2009 from Jessy
Hi Terri
I just receive the jacket;thats great!!thank's a lot!!

Received July 9, 2009 from Shonesha
I just got my order you guys are totally great!!!!!!!
I will be sure to send you many many more customers and expect a lot more business from me XOXOXO!

Received from Gregory on February 18, 2009
Hello again...
It just came in the mail & I love it.
Thank's for the cool sticker too!...T.C.

Received from Cindy January 26, 2009
Hi guys! Just wanted to let you know that my boyfriend loves the jacket.
We found the exact same coat in Holland and they wanted 115 Euro for it so thanks for the great deal and thank you for the speedy delivery!

Received from Robert on June 4, 2008
thank you very much for the fast service.
I'll reccomend you to any of my friends looking for this kind of stuff.

Received from Theresa Jan 20, 2009
I just got back from our post office, and my top was there, apparently it's been sitting there for almost two weeks and they didn't feel like I needed to be notified of its arrival.
I just want to thank you for all your help (you've been much more helpful than my post office.)
ipso facto is an absolutely wonderful store and I just want you to know how much I appreciate all your help.

Received Nov 6, 2008 from Stefano
Thank you very much for your fast and precise replies and great cooperation.
I'll drop you a line when I got the package or in case i have problems.
Thanks again, have a nice one! Love, S.

Received Oct 16, 2008 from Monica
well a very happy bday to you to hun as well ....
im sure rikki will love his awesome gifts..
i will take a pic of him wearing his stuff on sat nite as his band is playing and he will be wearing everything onstage ...wooohooo
great to know you and look forward to doing more biz with you in the future......
your staff was very kind and helpful (james)

Received Sept 27, 2008 from Brian
Thank you for everything I will make sure I order from you again
i'll let you know how it fits
thank alot terri

Received from Julie Sept 24, 2008
Dear Terri,
thank you very much.
I really appreciate and will continue to shop at Ipso Facto!!
Have a great day!

Received Sept 11,2008
I have already received the other order also!
Thanks for the fast, excellent service!
I will be placing another order for the Denim Versallies jacket next as soon as I confirm the size with the red/black one when I receive it.
You are the best in the business Terri Kennedy!
Thank you so much.
Dave Henry

Receieved July 2, 2008 from Marceleno
Hey Terri and Ipso Facto people!
I just wanted to say the coat I ordered came a week ago!
Your service is really fast, I'm shocked!
In only few days, less than week, the product was already in my country.
Obviously I had to wait 3-4 weeks for the coat, but that's not your fault, it's the crappy mail service of my country.
Anyway. I'm absolutely happy, the coat is in very good condition, it's wonderful!
About the few dollards missing in the Western Union transaction, I'm sorry, I'm already considering to buy some pants in your site and I'll pay that money missing too if that's okay.
I advice every foreign people to buy in your site, you're definately someone they can trust!
If people ask me where I buy my clothing - something that happens quite a lot - I know I can surely give them the link of your shop.
So, thank you so much guys!!! Keep rocking!

Received July 1, 2008 from James
I just want to add that I really appreciate your willingness to make me happy.
It's refreshing to be treated nicely when you're an online customer.
Regardless of the outcome of this one pair of shoes I will be happy to always recommend you to anyone I know.
I wish your business the best.
Yes, I'm in customer service myself and I always appreciate people who try.

Received June 25, 2008 from Rachel
I just received it today and once again, came very fast and I am very thrilled with my order.
I absolutely love the dresses.
They fit very well and are very high quality.
I would like to thank you for your assistance and having such a wonderful site/store.
I have been happy with your service and I plan on ordering more in the future.
Thank you so much,

Received June 7, 2008 from Tammy
Thank you so much! You guys are awesome!

Received June 4, 2008 from John
thank you very much for the fast service.
I'll reccomend you to any of my friends looking for this kind of stuff.

Received from Rachel on May 29, 2008
I just received my dresses today and they're both perfect.
They both fit just right, they're very beautiful and very comfortable.
The shipping was VERY fast and I will be ordering from your site again in the future.
Thank you very much,

Received from Alex on May 15, 2008
You guys are great!
I ordered the jacket Tuesday and just received it today!
Strong work and in time for the weekend.

Received from Robert on May 14, 2008
You're very welcome............
.we look forward to buying from you again.

Received from Jeff on May 10, 2008
My Lady (Terri),
The coat arrived safe & sound.
I am well pleased.
Thanks for your business.
I hope to work with you again in the future.

Received from Tianay on April 29, 2008
I got the pants today!
and i love them!
and thx for the check, appreciated.
-satisfied customer :)

Received from Casey on April 28, 2008
I received the shirt today. IT FITS!!!^___^
Thank you so much for your patience and cooperation!
Again, I apologize for any inconveniences.
Thanks again!

Received from Amy on April 22, 2008
I've been informed via phone that the Lip Service black laced back matte pvc knee skirt I ordered is no longer available.
I'm sorry to hear this, but I would still like to purchase the Lip Service black gathered pvc strappy mini skirt. Thanks so much for your quick response!
I'm always happy with the products I receive from your store. :)

Received from Tanz on April 11, 2008
Hi Terri,
Just wanted to let you know the dress and corset arrived yesterday.
They are both just beautiful!!
I am very happy I bought from you so fast and helpful!!
I will definitely be ordering again in the near future. The dress is perfect for my wedding and just what i wanted.
Thanks soo much!!!
cheers and beers

Received February 29, 2008 from Sandi
Hi Terri,
Just dashing off a quick note to let you know the jacket I ordered arrived yesterday!
And perfect timing too- I'm planning on wearing it out tomorrow to The New York Dolls show and clubbing later.
And the best part- no extra duties and taxes...woohoo!!
Thanx, and I'll definetly be ordering from you again in the future :D
Have a great weekend

Received February 7, 2008 from Monica
Dear James/Ipso Facto,
I already received the items I ordered yesterday!
I just wanted to thank you and tell you how gorgeous all the dresses are, you buyer has great taste!
much love and thanks,

Received November 12, 2007 from Alfredo
hello terri,
thank you for your time and patience it was also good speaking with you as well I ve never met anyone so helpful as yourself and your crew if possible can you thank victoria and adam for me, this is definitely not the last time I will visit Ipso facto
thanks terri for your help
by the way how did the party go? I am sure everything went smooth.
thank you kindly

Received from Brett on November 7, 2007
hi there its Tab ( brett )
i just wanted to let you know i got my skirt this morning ,
it come soooooooooo quick ,
thanks i have a party to go to on Saturday night and i cant believe its here already , so you have made my day , a really big thanks

Received October 2007 from Deanna
Hi Terri,
I am so excited about these boots that I can hardly stand it!
I don't suppose tracking information would be possible once the order ships, would it? I would really appreciate it.
Consequently, I showed your site to a couple of my coworkers and they were ecstatic. You have great stuff - I'll surely be returning soon.

Received from Janey July 12, 2007
I got the package so fast!!!
i'm happy with the stockings now that i see them..
i couldn't remember why i had bought them until now, because i can fold them down below the knee (durr) it was 6 in the morning and i had been up all night lol, so i forgot what i'd even purchased hehe...
anyways.. i always enjoy buying from you guys! you're always so fast on getting my stuffs shipped :)
thank you again for being so awesome!
i've never had such good service by an online company..
it';s fucking amazing! i did a price comparison for total item price and shipping a while back because i thought that your prices were a bit high, but i found out that due to the shipping it would be cheaper to buy from you! who'da thunk?
i can't wait to have some extra cash again :) ------------------------------

Received from Skye July 8, 2007
I was a little nervous, because I'd never ordered from or much less heard of this site before.
But there was nothing to worry about!!
Your service kicks ass by not only being personal and delivered fast, but easy to use! You rocked my world, Ipso Facto!!!!!
Thank you so much!!!
Skye in PA

Received from Trisha on June 30, 2007
Oh thank you soooo much!
You guys really are great!
Just got my order in the mail today and everything looks ubertastic!
I cant wait to do bussiness with you again!
/X\(**)/X\ Thanks! /X\(**)/X\

Received from Jordan June 15, 2007
Thanks Ipso Facto!
I asked you guys to get me a package for an occasion and you rushed it out to me as soon as you could,
it unfortunately didn't get to me in time for the occasion but having a package sent via usps from Cali to Ontario in less than 2 weeks is pretty damn good!
I really liked the fact that you called about issues with my order to talk to me personally rather than sending out e-mails. You have a great selection and I will definitely be returning!
Jordan C
Ontario, Canada

Received from Anthony on May 2, 2007
Good evening,
I would like to think you for your wonderful site.
Not only did you have the pants I was looking for in my size where Ebay, Yahoo Shopping, Google, and Amazon failed to have... you shipped it amazingly quick!
I cant thank you enough for your professionalism and speed.
You can plan on me buying from you again.

Received from Crystal April 5, 2007

Hello, Terri Kennedy Thank you so much for the fast shipping, and most importantly your excellent service!
From the first question, until the end of my order you always answered any questions or concerns that I had!
I will definitely shop here again in the future! :)
-from, Crystal

Received from Lord Ramirez March 23, 2007
Just writing to let you know I got my jacket today, exactly 3 days after I placed my order.
I am very pleased with the jacket, and I am really impressed with the speed of delivery.

Another Satisfied Customer,
Lord Ramirez

Received Feb 11, 2007 from Deacon
I just wanted to write a corny ass comment to you all to let you know that i adore the stuff on your web sight.
keep it real and keep it dark

Received January 24, 2007 from Christian
Recieved my shipment, thank you another satisfied customer... have a great new year
hello, ------------------------------

Received January 24, 2007 from Cherry
COOL!!! i just got the gloves today and they are COOL!!!
They are sold out anywhere else and when i found them here...i was really excited to get them!
And they arrived here faster than the items i ordered from somewhere else a week before this order!
thanks for the fast shipping!

Received October 23, 2006 from Tony
Terri - Tony here.
The shirt arrived on Saturday; it was exactly what I wanted, size and everything!
Thank you so much!
And as I said before, your attention to detail in this rather small order was awesome.
I'll be sending all my friends to your website when they're looking for this kind of clothing in the future.
T- ------------------------------

Received from Ashley and Laura October 6, 2006
Hi, my name's Ashley -
I just wanted to say thank you to Matt at your store who helped me and my friend Laura pick clothes for our first time out.
Attached you'll find some pictures we took that night before we went to Bar Sinister.
Such a good time.
Thanks again!

Received from Isabel from Ecuador on October 6, 2006

Received from Amber August 27, 2006
Hi, I just wanted to say i stopped by your store in fullerton, it must have been two years ago i think, and i absolutely loved it. I live in washington and it was nice being on vacation and finding such a cool shop. i just wanted to say you guys rock. much love, Amber ------------------------------

Received from Bob Sunday, August 6, 2006
i looked all over the internet and could not find any place with the selection, hours (i work all freakin' day and appreciate the late and weekend hours) and music that Ipso Facto has! i tell all my friends about it, now some want to fly from Texas to come see your store, you have MUCH more than hot topic (too mainstream!). i wore my new clothes and jewelry as soon as i got home from your store, and partied Saturday night! Many thanks for making me feel awesome as i listen to my new CDs and walk around the world in my new statement! Please keep the Fullerton store open, and open late! cheers, bob PS the service was great too, don't know the guy's name, long black hair and wearing ankh necklace, but he helped a lot even when i had him help me five different times with all the shirts, jewelry and stuff. He rocks. ------------------------------

Received Sat. July 8, 2006 from Margaret
Thank you so much, this corset looks awesome. I can't believe how quickly it got here. It's beautiful and I love the fit. Thanks again - Margaret ------------------------------

Received from Christine and Fallon on June 16, 2006
Dear Terri Kennedy,
Thank you soo much!
You have made my 13 year old very, very happy, which is quite a feat since she never smiles!
We were really desperate to find the right dress, and I wish I had found your site sooner.
You have lots of great stuff!
We are now your biggest fans and loyal cusomers and will be making many more purchases in the future.
I'm sure she will be getting lots of compliments tonight on her dress and she will be sure to spread the word about your site and your great customer service!
Don't worry, no more special requests for rush shipping as I know it's not normally your policy.
Thank you so much for taking the time and effort to get the order right out to us!
You should show this letter to your boss and ask for a raise because you have definitely generated business and put the word out there that ipso is a quality company!
Thank you again!
your biggest fans,
Christine and Fallon

Received from Katrina on April 15, 2006
Thank you so much. Your customer service is Class A. You have gone over and beyond I've come to expect these days, and have made a regular customer out of me. Thank you soo soo much! Katrina ------------------------------

Received from Shana January 20, 2006
hey there-
my name's shana, out here in massachusetts.
your guy matt will know who i am.
he's been very patiently dealing with me on an order i placed.
a dress was out of stock and i had to choose some items to make up for it.
i am really pleased by your approach in keeping in contact with me while i made up my mind. i can be a slacker, but matt dealt with this very well. i received my items today, smelling *yum* of nag champa.
lemme tell ya, i couldn't be happier. not only did you have a dress i've been searching for over a year to find, but i now have a new favorite shirt that's also been a pain to find.
your service is highly commendable.
i am a return customer and will surely continue patronage.
matt, as well as another guy i dealt with were both very personable, patient and professional.
thanks TONS for your kickass service!

Received November 14, 2005 from Ruby
hello. how are you?
hope you are doing well.
i received my awesome creepers today.
thank you so much. as always your service is fantastic. can't wait to buy more goodies!!

Received November 10, 2005 from Nathan
Thanks i got the order in the mail today and it sure came fast!
Ill be sure to shop again.:)

Received from Andrea October 3rd, 2005
Hi Terri
I'm so excited!!!! How fast is that!! I have just received my T-shirts.
It's only be about 3 working day! They are fantastic.
Looking forward to more exciting T's on your website.
Have a wonderful day!
Kind regards
Andrea ------------------------------

Recieved from Naotakun October 2nd, 2005
you guys have a great selection of clothes...you rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Received from Peter Sept 20, 2005
Hey Terri; I got my order last friday (if I remember right - I had to work 4x12's this weekend).
Great stuff! I love the lip service shirt you picked out as a sub.

Received Sept 9, 2005 from Tiffany
i just wanted to let you know that i got my package
today and i absolutely love the necklace and the mag.
thanks so much and i plan to make future purchases :)

Received Aug. 20 2005, from Soozie

Well i just received my order and I'm very happy it got here so quick.
The main reason for this message is to express this..."oh my gawwwd my hair dye came in a box of butter...lol...
where else can i get my haircare needs and the recipe to Grannies Oatmeal Cookies delivered to my door all at once!"
Soozie Mosh

Received Wednesday, July 6, 2005 from Hosanna

just wanted to thank you for your incredibly fast shipping!
i couldn't believe how quickly i received my cds.
i'm very happy with my purchase and will be very happy to do business with you again.

Received Friday, May 20, 2005 from Kimberly

Terri and staff, I am emailing you to let you know that I have never been so pleased with a store in my whole life.
Your staff members not only know the product but are very kind and have the most pleasent attitudes.
Especially Matt who has helped many a time when I call with questions.
Since I have moved to the moved to the midwest I have missed my ipso facto and order things for myself and my boyfriend and we love the quilty of all the products you sell.
Keep up the good work!

Received Sunday, May 8, 2005 from Sally

Hi Terri,
The shoes arrived a few days ago, they fit me well and are perfect.
Thanks so much for the good communication and excellent service, I will be buying from your company again.
I have posted a praise-filled review on livejournal of your company here:
http://www.livejournal.com/community/gothfash/2567958.html I have also submitted your store to Batgear Beyond (http://www.batgearbeyond.com) and as soon as the link is up I will post good feedback.
A happy customer,

Received Saturday April 30, 2005 from Rose

dear terri
thank you very much for your rapid action in sending the dress for my daughters prom .
thanks to the laceing it needed no adjustment and was agreat hit hoped to send a pic but their not back yet
thanks much
you saved the day
your truely
rose service ------------------------------

Received Monday, April 25, 2005 from Vanessa

i just wanted to thank you guys for having my order delivered so quickly.
i ordered saturday and received it monday.
thanks a lot.

Received Friday, March 3, 2005 from Stefania


Received Thursday, March 3, 2005 from Alex

Hi Terri, I've just received the top today, everything is fine.
I just love it and it fits perfectly.
Hope to deal with you soon!

Received Tuesday, February 18, 2005 from Jim

Hope you had a safe and productive trip.
The parcel arrived just this afternoon and I'm writing to tell you I'm more than happy...even more than more than even :)
Thank-you very much.
Jim. ------------------------------

Received Friday, February 11, 2005 from Ingrid in Sweden
Hi Terri,
I just want to tell you that my package arrived today with all the magazines, the Cure t-shirt, the bat purse and all the other stuff I ordered.
Huge thanks for the quick shipping and for great communtication.
Ipso Facto is the best webstore I have found and I will be a returning customer.
Not every store has such smooth transactions with overseas customers as you and the shipping to Sweden was so fast!
Thank you for everything!!
best wishes,

Received Tuesday, December 14, 2004 from Jean

I have received my order and am very pleased with the quality of the product and the speediness of delivery.
Just wanted to say so.
Thank you!

Received Thursday, December 9, 2004 from Linda

My dress!! is so beautiful and perfect!!
it has a heavenly scent to it as well....
Frustrated and running out of time, i searched EVERYWHERE on the internet, and ALL the local Malls....
Stressed and worried, i surfed on to your site, i fell in love with a beautiful dress, ordered it, 2 days later....
i'm looking at it, dying to wear it tomorrow night.....
Blessed Be!! You are Beautiful People!!
I Thank You so Very Much!!
Corona CA

Received Tuesday, December 7, 2004 from Visionary Complex

Oh i just have to say that you have some of the best merchandise of any site ive seen.
i love your bauhaus and siouxsie and the banshees shirt's.
they rock and love everything else on your site,most of your shirt's alot of other site's dont carry them.
keep up the good work.

Received Thursday December 2, 2004 from Monica (of Faith and the Muse) following our in-store with them Sun Dec 28, 2004
We didn't get a chance to send a big THANK YOU for having us!
This was really the nicest "in-store" experience.
You know, there is almost a European feel there, where people actually appreciate having a band come to play for them!
Thank you again!!!!
M ------------------------------

Received Saturday, December 4, 2004 from Ron
Hello Terri,
This Is Ronn. I can't thank you enough for helping my mom out , take a bow your service can only be described as....."Now That's Punk Rock".
My Creepers were on my feet less than 24 hrs later, this was a b-day gift from my Hipster parents. I am 40 years old now but I'm still the same Punk I was back in 1979.
In the pit at the Roxy, Whiskey A-GO-GO, Madame Wongs, Golden Bear, and the Paladium.
I'll be buying all my Creepers from you from now on.
Be "Sick" Girl I'll be ordering again soon.
"Still Sick"
Ronn ( LUCKY)
Heres some words all L.A Punks should by heart.
"Got the World up my ass and I better jump fast, be the first, won't be the last, and I got the World "Up My Ass".

Received from Marilyn on November 29, 2004
You guys are really cool.Shopping in your stores give me a disterbing feeling and the people that work there are nice and evil.

Received Monday, October 25, from Laura
Hello! I recently ordered a wig online from your store for my Halloween costume (light pink Cindy bob).
Not only is it absolutely *perfect*, (size, color, everything) but arrived faster than I ever imagined!
(it even has a nice incense scent to it...haha)
Thank you for your speedy service, awesome merchandise, and great selection.
I'll be sure to order from you again..
Have a great Halloween...
*Laura *

Received Monday, October 18, 2004 from Daniel
I got my Joy Division shirt today and I would really just like to thank you once more for your attention and service. It is highly appreciated. ------------------------------

Received Mon, Oct 4, 2004 from Liselot
Hi Terri, received the dresses today. Woohoo ! They are so pretty ! I don't often look hot, being a XL girl and all, but that short dress is really flattering. The tulle dress is really cute, romantic and kinda classy with the sweetheart neckline, tulle and pinstripe ! I love them both.
Thanks a lot !


Received Wed, Sept 29, 2004 from Juli
Thank you sooooooooo much for my surprises. I love all of it. The ring is awesome...I'm playing poker (Texas Holdem) tonight....maybe it'll bring me good luck. The shirt looks like it will fit my husband.....Thanks again.....Juli ------------------------------

Received Tuesday, April 6, 2004 from Anton
I just received my VNV Nation t-shirt and would like to express many thanks for being able to re-stock and send it so quickly.
Yours was the only website that I was able to find exactly what I was looking for.
Anton ------------------------------

Received Friday, March 26, 2004 from Brian
i just wanted to say thank you for everything you did in my recent order.
i have shopped with ipso before and will continue to do so.
you have been wonderful.
i am planning on moving out to cali within this year so maybe i can actually thank you in person.
anyway, i love the stickers.
my car is plastered (in an elegant way of course!)
thanks again, ------------------------------

Received Wednesday, March 3, 2004 from Kate
I just want to thank you for such a positive experience.
I ordered the boots I am now wearing 3 days ago.
Such fast and friendly service I definitely will recommend you to all of my friends.

Received Saturday February 21, 2004 from Tracy
hi there... thanks so much for the quick mailing of my products...
I usually order off the internet and never recieve it so quickly...
I plan to be your regular customer....

Received Friday, January 30, 2004 from Michele
Hi! I received the shoes I ordered & just wanted to say thanks for the fast shipping!
2 days-wow!
I was very nicely surprised to receive them so quickly!
I will do business with you again!
Thanks -Michelle ------------------------------

Received Monday, January 26, 2004 from Andrea
Thank you for the dress. It's absolutely gorgeous.
I'd been searching for it for months after glimpsing a red one in a store nearly a year ago, and was only able to find it on your web site.
The blue is perfect & my favourite dress I've ever worn.

Received Jan 3, 2004 from Emily
Hi Ipso Facto, I just wanted to let you know that my order of Manic Panic Divine Wine hair dye,Manic Panic Goth Creme makeup and Raven Nail polish arrived yesterday.
Thankyou so much!
As always super fast friendly service. Thanks again,
Take care- Emily

Received Tuesday, Nov. 11, 2003 from Andrea
Ipso-Facto, Hello, wow, what a skirt, I love it so much, and it's fun.
I can tie the train to my side when I want to and mess with the ribbons, it took a few hours to realize that.
I love it so much. I also like the pentagram pendant with the snake.
It works good as a choker on the cord you sent me.
Thank you. I love it, too, in the individuality way, not the satanic.
I have never ordered 'stuff for me' before. It was worth it all.
I plan to make orders in the future.
You guys were a lot of help, thank you very much.

P.S. My son asked if the candle was made out of 'real' dragon's blood, how cute.
It is nice, too. ------------------------------

Received Sunday, October 26, 2003 from Alison
Hi Terri,
Thank soo much for getting back to me so quick!
You guys are really on the ball!!
Thanks so so much for your EXCELLENT customer service!!
I am most impressed!!
All the best and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!!!

Received Thursday, Oct 23, 2003 from Magi
I absolutely can't thank you enough!!
I had seriously just about given up hope of getting that dress for my friend's wedding.
I had ordered it three weeks ago from another site that didn't return my calls or e-mails and left me hanging not knowing if I would be able to get the dress by the wedding or not.
As the wedding date was getting closer, and most shops were out of the Eternal dress I wanted or would take too long to ship, I was freaking out.
You completely saved me and I'm so happy I ordered from you guys.
Mostly, thanks for FOLLOWING THROUGH and contacting me so quickly. That is so refreshing.
You kick ass!!! ------------------------------

Received Friday, Oct 10, 2003 from Joel
Went to your store on Thursday the 9th, the girl that helped us was very courteous and friendly.
She should be commended. Keep up the great work.
It was a memorable shopping experience and we will be back in the future.
Thank you also for carrying our flyers and CDs.

Received Sunday, Sept 28, 2003 from Ann
no problem - you guys must be the nicest retailers i've ever worked with and am in retail myself -
Kudos to you and your company!
Is there anywhere that i can go to let your company know what a great and awesome job that you do!
I like to give credit where credit is due!
Thanks again for everything and will be looking forward to the new items. ------------------------------

Received Tuesday, Sept 16, 2003 from Patti
Excellent, thank you so much Terri!
You've been such a great help! I have recommended you to about 8 of my friends already.
Your site and selection is awesome. I will be shopping there again.
Thank you!
Have a wonderful day. ------------------------------

Received Friday, September 12, 2003 from Gigi
Dear Terri
The dress arrived this morning. It's lovely and well worth the wait.
Sorry for all the money hassles.
Many thanks for all your help!

Received Friday, August 15, 2003 from Veronika
Thank you so much! I plan on doing business with you again. You have been very helpful and polite. Again, thank you!
Veronica ------------------------------

Received Saturday, July 26 from Chris
Thank you VERY much for the confirmation email! I appreciate it. Since Ipso Facto seems to be the ONLY remaining source for some of those stickers, you'll probably hear from me again before the year is over.
Thanks again!
-- Chris ------------------------------

Received Friday, July 25, 2003 from Lauren
Hi again,
I really wanted to make sure you know how much your work is appreciated, i've gotten the runaround from so many companies and some just don't reply at all. I will gladly buy from you again in the future! I got the claim today, should be on its way tomorrow.
Thanks again,

Received Wednesday, July 23, 2003 From Marie
You guys are the best = Thank you!! ------------------------------

Received June 20, 2003 from Joslin
got the dress, its goregous! fits like a glove. love it.
thanks so much for all your patience ------------------------------

Received Friday, May 23, 2003 from Amanda
Attn Breann
I called you Sunday from New Jersey with a "prom emergency" -- we had the dress in our hands on Thursday!
Amazing service - it was wonderful doing business with you!
Thank you so much!
Amanda ------------------------------

Received Wednesday, May 14, 2003
Thank you for making my prom wonderful!

prom pic prom pic


Received Thursday, May 8, 2003 from Angie
I just wanted to say thank you for your incredible service.
I ordered the lip-service Bride Of Frankenstien dress,
which I've been searching for for a considerable amount of time.
I paid with a money order and still recieved the dress in only a week. I will not hesitate to order from you Again!
Thank you again,

Recieved Wednesday, May 7, 2003 from Louise
Just writing to say that I received the boots today.
They fit perfectly, and are SO beautiful!! :D
It's been a pleasure doing business with you!

Received Tuesday, May 6, 2003 from Emily
Hi Ipso Facto,
Just wanted to let you know that I recieved my order for the bondage o-ring and chain leather bracelet, and the patent o-ring and chain collar,They are so cool! Thanks so much, as always fast and speedy,friendly service.
Thanks again,
Take care,

Received Friday, April 17, 2003 from Mahtala
Hello There,
I got my order super fast and I love it! Thanks so much!!!
I will be purchasing from your store again (on and offline) :)
M ------------------------------

Received Thursday, March 6, 2003 from Anna
Hi Terri, I just want to say that I got my jewelry yesterday and that I'm very happy with it and with the fast delivery. You guys have a great service and I will definatively order from you in the future. Thanks :)


Received Thursday, Feb 8, 2003 from Allan
Dear Terri, I just wanted to take a moment to thank you and your staff on the efficient and extremely rapid handling of my order. I cannot tell you how much I appreciated your prompt and personal response to my request and how totally convenient and painless you made the process, which isn't always the case with internet shopping. The dress arrived two (!!!) days after I ordered it! You rock!! Feel free to post my letter on your website if you so choose. I look forward to shopping your store in the near future. Many thanks


Received Friday, November 15,2002 from Emily
Hey Ipso-Facto, Just wanted to let you know that my Fishnet Top with O-rings arrived today, I Love It!!!!
Thankyou so much ,
Great speedy service, I will highly recommend you.
Thanks again-Emily


Received Thursday October 24,2002 from Matthew
Thanks so much for taking such great care in packing & shipping my orders!
I received the previous order in 2 days, and the only reason this one took so long is because my road was being paved this week and the carrier couldn't get through to deliver my mail. Y'all have a great selection & I'll make sure to pass the word to my friends!!


Received Tuesday Sept 17, 2002 from Justin
i just wanted tp say that i got the boots and they are kick-ass,
i just wanted to say thanks once again.....
have a good one.........


Received Wednesday Sept 4, 2002
i would like to praise you for your efforts in making the buckle toe boot available to us lowely consumers.
i live in kentucky which equals hell for someone who wants to look a little bit different from the abercrombie and fitch norm.
my only refuge is a very cool one owned store for people who like rock as opposed to r&b pussy music, called the "paisely peacock".
i will be purchasing the kick ass greasy engineer boot soon and i just wanted to say thank you.


Received Wednesday, August 21, 2002 from Natalie
I received the boots yesterday, and they are awesome!!!
thanks a lot! -------------------------------

Received Tuesday, July 23, 2002 from Tori
I recived my new bottle of dye at the end of last week.
It was in perfect condition, and worked out much better in my hair.
Thank you very very much!!! :)


Received Tuesday, July 23, 2002 from Earline
I recieved my package today, ( only 3 days )
thank you so much for your speedy package!
I will be sure to order from Ipso Facto again very soon!


Received Saturday July 13, 2002 from Alexis
yes my order arrived all was packed well and in perfect condition thank you
alexis waller
ps if not for you iwouldent have shoes
thanks much for catering to my taste


Received Friday April 12, 2002
Hi Terri
Thanks for all the info, I'll keep your site in my bookmarks!

Received Sunday March 31, 2002 from Jon
just wanted to let you know that i received my order two days ago, and i am very pleased with it. thanks a lot for the great service.

Received Thursday March 28, 2002 from Todd.
Terri -
Got the shoes yesterday in fine condition - thanks for sending them so quickly. They fit perfectly! Todd

Received March 9, 2002
Dear Terry,
Thank-you for sending the package and think that's 'thank-you for your patience!! .. Anyway, thanks, excited and hope it wasn't too much hassle for you in the end, Lola

Received Feb 5, 2002
I am just inquiring when you are going to open up more stores? Las Vegas needs you!
@-}-- Endoryth

Received Wednesday January 23, 2002
Thank you so much for your help; we really appreciate it. It's been a pleasure doing business with you. ;)
~Kristen & Timothy

Received from Sara January 15, 2002 thank you so much for your consideration of my dilemma and for your fast responses as well.

Received December 5, 2001 from Jan
Just thought you should know.... I was in your store today and the guy that helped me was really patient and helpful. I usually shop online because non virtual interaction with people sucks... however I was plesantly suprised.thx

Received November 20, 2001 from JonnyGloom
thank you very much!!!! i will be doing more business with your company very soon!!!! you and your staff are great!!!!!!! thanks again!

Received November 2, 2001 from Eileen
Dear Terri,
Thank you SO much for going to all the trouble you did to look up all those prices, colors,item #s, etc. I didn't mean to cause so much work for you! ...
Thank you once again, you've been great.

Received from Tina October 18, 2001
oh my god, i think i love you. thanks

Received from Deborah October 18, 2001
Thanks so much. You have been a great help. I'm sure that I will be the belle of the ball in my dress. Have a good day.

Received from Maggie September 21, 2001
i just wanted to say thankyou once again im so excited i cant wait til it gets here cuz my mom just called in and place the order i cant say how thankful to u for getting that dress it means a lot well ill probably be back in a couple months to get another thanx once again bye

Received Spetember 5, 2001
just received my dye yesterday.
a million thankz!!!
also thankz so much for the two free bottlez!!
you're a sweetie.:-)
just wanted to say thankz for all your help!!

Received September 1, 2001
To Whom It May Concern --
While surfing the web for cool gothic fashions, I came across your page and immediately fell in love with your models. Leen and Kerri are amazingly beautiful ... enough to make me write this e-mail and risk sounding like a weirdo.
Anyways, thanks for having a site up with cool goth fashions and gorgeous goth women. You just made my night.

Received Saturday, August 25, 2001 from Seth.
Just got my order today. I was pleasantly surprised with the promptness of the order.
The shoes rock, I will keep Ipso Facto in mind for future wardrobe needs.
Thanks again.
In Freud We Trust,


Received Thursday, May 24, 2001
Thanks Terri.. I love your store and I will keep on shoppin there.. just wanted you to know.. thanks for getting back to me so quickly I really appreciate it.. Cindy


Received Wed, 11 Apr 2001
hello. i'm nicole from las vegas and i ordered a wig from you last week. i just want to thank you so much for your very prompt service and the wig looks perfect! and the person i talked to on the phone, i think it was terri, was so nice and such a big help.
thank you so much!
you will never lose my business. -Nicole

Received Sunday January 28, 2001 from Justin
I came in your shop not to long ago looking for something sleek and gothy for a modeling photo shoot (being new to the scene I really didn't know what to get) but with the help of one of your friendly salespersons, I not only was a hit at the photo shoot but got a speaking part in an up coming movie. So I give you my many thanks!!
you just got a customer for life!

Received from Kit on December 20, 2000, regarding her order for flame boots.

"WOO HOO! They came today! I can't believe how quickly you got them out-- particularly since it's so close to Xmas!! Thank you *so* much!!"

Received from Michael December 16, 2000
" I just wanted to say thank you for your assistance on the order I recently placed. Even though we weren't able to get it delivered in time you certainly went out of your way to try. It is very difficult to find the level of customer service you demonstrated, especially from a website. I was able to contact you easily and you returned my calls and emails immediately. I was quite surprised. I joined your mailing list and will definitely be shopping your website in the future. And this time I won't wait till the last minute. Thanks again and Merry Christmas."

Received August 8, 2000 from Cynthia
"I just wanted to take a minute to say thanx for the fax regarding item no 20ud501lh you were very attentive to my never ending barrage of questions concerning this item.I had a choice between I.F. and 2 other stores that carried basically the same boot.Not only are you the least expensive but probably the most patient!! I work in retail myself and customer service is high on my list of priorities, It seems to be with you as well. I will have you a check in the mail tomorrow for the aforementioned item along with $2.00 extra for a catalog.Thanx again for being patient and thorough in your description. Helpful art work too!
Still stuck up the ass of the (80's) Cynthia"


Received From Ray Tucker on March 16, 2000
"dear terri, hello! my name is ray and i have recently ordered from your website. in fact, i just sent another order out to you and i plan on returning to ipso facto quite often! there are not alot of goth anythings around where i live, except in cleveland which is an hour and 45 minute drive for me and my few friends who are in the goth scene. i just wanted to thank you for being one of the few exceptional sites to obtain "goth things" from! PLEASE, keep up the good work!"

From Jamie on June 18, 2000

"Thanks so much for working so hard on my order, I 'll be making another one soon. Here is the link to the band I manage, good luck to you!!"