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Steampunk magazine


"Putting the Punk Back into Steampunk" Lifestyle, Mad Science, Theory and Fiction. Was $12.00 SALE $9.50
ISSUE 9 - 2013 SALE $9.00 Glossy cover. The thickest issue yet, coming in at 118 pages of mad science, history, interviews, fiction, features Cherie Priest, Cory Doctorow, and lots of ways to get up to no good! Subjects include dieselpunk, anti-fascist fashion, DIY miniature airships, paper dolls, the New Orleans general strike of 1892, loaded dice and swindles, the Red Fork Empire, surrealism, machine intelligence, and post-mortem communications!
ISSUE 8 - 2012 SALE $9.00 Glossy cover. Lifestyle, mad science, theory and fiction. Stories "The Mechanic," " Pearls Before a Sandhog," "Lichens" Interviews, 19th century style, DIY projects. 109 pp.

Gothic Beauty magazine


Glossy color quarterly covering gothic fashion and music with style.- $6.95
This magazine is digital only at this time, so we only have back issues in print format.
ISSUE 37 - Fall 2012 Features include Kambriel, Daisy Viktoria, The Dark Angel, 222 Clothing, Candy Rock Couture, Julina Corsets, The Legacy of Dark Shadows, Angels Attic Dollhouse Museum, Dark Elegance Chokers, Urban Threads, Shopping for Gothic Accessories, Staff Picks and more! Music interviews with David J, In This Moment and Dark Drive Clinic. Plus music, book and product reviews.
Dark Realms magazine


A glossy quarterly magazine focusing on the best of dark fantasy in art, music, and culture. Features include art, fashion, short fiction, reviews of books, cds, games, and movies. entertainment news and interviews... Everything to quench your dark desires. $6.00
ISSUE 25 Winter 2007 - Articles on The Inquisition, The Dark Secrets of Loch Ness, Joseph Vargo's dark tale SPiders in the Attic, After Dark Horror Fest-8 films to die for, regular features Monster Files: On the Trail of El Chupacabra, Dr Arcana and Madame Endora, featured artists Alexandra V. Bach & Gail Potocki. Film, & Game reviews and articles and Music coverage with AFI, Nox Arcana, Unquiet Void, Cradle of Filth, Godhead, Anders Manga and more.
New Witch magazine

NEW WITCH Magazine

Glossy Pagan Magazine- Cutting Edge Paganism - Not Your Mother's Broomstick! 80 pages. No longer in print, so buy your back issues here! Was $6.00. SALE $4.75
ISSUE 11 - 2006 Featured articles: Dealing with the Dead, Ancestor Worship, Beyond Goddess/Female Devotees of Male Deities, The Magic of Candles, 35 Pagan Lovesongs, Franchesca de Grandis, and more.
Sentimentalist magazine


Was $4.95 SALE $4.00 - A now defunct New York based glossy magazine by one of New York's post-modern Pre-Raphaelites with articles from literature and art to alternative music, fashion and photography. Get your rare out of print back issues here!
Volume 3 Issue 12 SALE $4.00Features Trail of the Dead, Placebo, Raveonettes, Fischer Spooner, Super Theory, Animals, Buzzcocks, Death in Vegas. 64 pages
Volume 3 Issue 10 SALE $4.00Ash, The Datsuns, Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, Hot Hot Heat, The Music, Mooney Suzuki, Add N to (X), Porcupine Tree, Doll Factory, The Agenda, Lycia, Zoar, Lacuna Coil, The Boss Martians and more. Plus great live reviews.
Outburn magazine

OUTBURN Magazine

A Goth/industrial glossy magazine from Southern California. Outburn Website Brilliant layout.The fastest growing, highest quality and always on-time music magazine.- Was $4.95/$5.95 SALE $3.75 (Issue 4) and $4.95 (Issue 10)
Outburn #10 Features Death in Vegas, Frontline Assembly, Moby, Atari Teenage Riot, The Creatures, Chain Suck, Hate Dept, Controlled Bleeding, and others.
Pentacle magazine


A now defunct U.K. independent pagan magazine. Get your rare out of print back issues here! Was $8.95-$9.49 each SALE $6.75 -$6.99
Issue 23- Samhain/Winter 2007 SALE $6.99Featured articles- Maxine Sanders Interview; Bonework; The Google Tarot; Galdr Magic; Coldpot : The Magic Word; V Baedd Gwyn.
Issue 21- Beltane/ Summer 2007 SALE $6.75Featured articles- Ronald Hutton, The Rebel Druids; Hellensim, Santeria, Cuban Voodoo, Liber Noctis; Wyrd World; Cunning Folk.
Issue 22- Lammas/Autumn 2007 SALE $6.75Featured articles- The Waters of Sulis; Spiritwalking; Cingulum; Witch's Cord; Green Man; Wiccan Initiation; Siberian Map; V Baedd Gwyn.
Pentacle magazine


A now defunct quarterly Journal of Community, Philosophy and Magic that offers articles on a variety of issues related to the Environment, Paganism, Politics, Wicca and other non-traditional religions. We are offering these rare, out of print issues for only $5.95 each
Winter 1997 SALE $5.00 Featured Articles-call for details
Issue 74- Winter 1997 SALE $5.00 Featured Articles."
Issue 63- Fall 1996 SALE $4.00 Featured Articles-" Witchcraft:Modern Religions for Teens?" "Paganism in the Highlands: A Scottish View of Wicca," "The Thin Line Between Love and Hate."


A bay-area periodical that deals with many branches of the magickal world and can be useful to all aspiring magicians. Magical Blend is today's foremost publication covrering metaphysics, cultural creativity, spirituality, and holistic health and wellness. $3.99 No longer in print, so get your rare back issues here!
Issue 55 -May 1997 $5.95 SALE $4.50Conversations with God Book 2, Angels of Prosperity, Qigong, Hazel Parcells, Laurie Anderson, David Arkenstone
Issue 78 -Nov 2001 $5.50 SALE $4.00Sacred Travel, The Grateful Dead's Phil Lesh, California Water Spas, Astrology, Cosmic Crosswords
Issue 80 July 2002 $3.99 SALE $3.00Sustainable, the Activists's Activist: Living Medea Bwenjamin interview, 10 ways to Travel Spiritually
Sagewoman magazine


$6.95/$7.50 SALE $5.50/5.75
A now defunct leading magazine of women's spirituality in the U.S. devoted to celebrating one's own Goddess journey. This publication reaches out to Goddess-loving women from around the world while connecting, rejoicing, and sharing wisdom with uplifting, challenging visions of the Goddess in all women, especially, in oneself.
Issue 61 Spring 2003 SALE $5.50Sisterhood issue $6.95 In this issue's Sisterhood focus are articles about finding one's place in the women's community, and how women relate to each other. Featured articles: Loba's "Sister Tribe" about how connecting with Mother Earth connect with one's sisters; Pythia Peay's "Soul Sisters: Tending to the Needs of Our Spirits," two articles on finding the Goddess at women's gatherings, and an article on overcoming racism in the Goddess community. 96 illustrated pages.
Issue 65 SALE $5.75Truth and Beauty issue Aug. 2004. $7.50 Features the Dine tradition of "the beauty way," Lauren Raine's examination of "masks of the Goddess," an interview with Jean Shinola Bolen "On becoming a juicy Crone, " and other articles celebrating the inner beauty that makes every woman a true Goddess, articles on magical brooms, Susan Weed's celebration of skullcap, Carol Christ's reverie on the Earth as true mother, autumnal musings and ritual from Waverly Fitzgerald, a ritual to dispel loneliness (and celebrate solitude) and much more. 96 illustrated pages, published in autumn of 2004.
Issue 67 SALE $5.75$7.50 "Finding Our Treasure" Feat. articles: Riding the Red Tide - Menstrual Magic and the Treasure of Our Woman's Blood by Lupa Virida, A Pinch of Sage by Leona Reber.
Issue 68 SALE $5.75Goddess Virtues: Gratitude issues. Featured articles: Brigit's Cauldron, Full of Blessings by Christine Thomas; A Pinch of Sage: Blessings that Teach Gratitude by Lillith Threefeathers $7.50
MK Magazine featuring Gene Simmons, Ministry, Chemlab MK Magazine- Musik Kulture magazine. Vol 1, Issue 2-68 pages. Chemlab, Ministry, Gene Simmons, My Ruin, Jesse Jane, Texas Terri, Die Hunns, Moonspell, reviews. $5.50
CULTURE ASYLUM MAGAZINE CULTURE ASYLUM MAGAZINE- Music magazine covering goth-industrial, and various underground music."Freedom of Expression without Persecution".
May 2011 Steampunk issue features Abney Park, Clockwork Dolls, Blut Aus Nord, plus music, book and movie reviews and poetry. Was $12.00/ SALE 9.50
Green Egg MAGAZINE GREEN EGG Now defunct pagan magazine. A journal of the awakening earth. Was $6.95 SALE $4.75
Volume 29, No 116-1997-Buddheo/Pagan Forum, Empty Magic, Joanna Macy, The Greening of the Self, Muse reviews, film reviews, more. 70 pages.
Volume 29, Issue 120-1996- Digital magick, Virtually Lilith, Joy of Seeds, Burn Baby Burn, Grokking the Flock-pagan Religion from Science Fiction, The Joy of Sects. 71 pages.
Volume 31, Issue 129-1999 -Pagans and their Religious Rights, Future Challenges, The Benefit of Education, Animated Films for Pagan Families, Hate Crime Law, etc.
Calamant magazine featuring Pitch SHifter CALMANT - In my arms, the whole world. Lithuanian electro, extreme music magazine in English
Issue 3-Featured are Mass Psychosis, Pitch Shifter, Dave Scott, DJ Saga, Allegian Mobile Mob Freakshows, Venus Flytrap, Misery Loves Co, Ghoststorm, reviews and more. 15 pages. Was $5.00 SALE $3.50
Issue 4- Featured band: Captor plus music reviews, an article on Rave ideology. 13 pages. Was $4.50 ea SALE $3.25
The Willows MAGAZINE THE WILLOWS- Steampunk literature magazine. Was $9.00 SALE $7.00 Volume 1, Issue 6-2008 Features G.D. Falksen, Paurl Marlowe, Orrin Grey and numerous other literary splendors. 80 pages.
BLACK German language industrial noise, ebm, neofolk, wave, gothic music magazine.Was $11.49 SALE $9.00
Issue 21-Featured are Autumn Tears, The Smiths, In Strict Confidence, Rheas Obsession, Dust of Basement, Zeromancer, Synapscape, more. 110 pages.
Issue 23 -Featured are The Cruxshadows, Project Pitchfork, Suicide Commando, L'ame Immortelle, Subway to Sally. 116 pages.
Bloody Mary makeup instruction booklet for Halloween makeup effects by Hollywood makeup effects artist Bobbie Weiner. 30 pages blodymrykupbk-Bloody Mary makeup instruction booklet for Halloween makeup effects authored by famous Hollywood effects makeup artist Bobbie Weiner. 30 pages. Was $8.00 SALE $2.00
In the Shadow of Retribution magazine fetauring Wreckage, Red Lorry Yellow Lorry, 11 Shadows,  Geko IN THE SHADOW OF RETRIBUTION #1-Dedicated to preserving the aesthetic of dejection. 11 Shadows, Wreckage, Geko, Red Lorry Yellow Lorry, reviews. 29 pages. Was $4.00 SALE $2.50
Prospective magazine featuring Clan of Xymox, Depeche Mode, De/Vision, Theatre of Tragedy, Project Pitchfork PROSPECTIVE European electro goth music newspaper/publication with free cd. Issue 1- Project Pitchfork, Love Like Blood, Clan of Xymox, Theatre of Tragedy, Depeche Mode, Alphaville, De/Vision. Was $9.00 SALE $7.00
Haven magazine featuring Rosetta Stone HAVEN Issue 2 -Diamond in the Rough (NY public artist), Mosaic Man, Rosetta Stone (Porl King Interview), Dominance Submission & Scientology, How to Succees in an Independant band in rural America, Artist Leslie Clague, Caffiene Recipes, Aunt Gilda, Low Sunday, Venus in Furs, Poetry, Artwork, etc.$2.00
Godsend magazine featuring Illusion of Safety, Cevin Key, Francoise Duvivier GODSEND- Issue 19-1997-Features Cevin Key, Francoise Duvivier artist, Ilusion of Safety, Mason Jones of Trance, Robert Rich on Gurgling, reviews, more. 10 pages. $2.50